Spark Sessions: The Best In Melodic House Music

Spark Sessions: The Best In Melodic House Music

Deep, Melodic, Euphoric... Join sparky13 on a musical journey of the best in melodic techno, progressive, and organic house music. Welcome to Spark Sessions.


February 8, 2024 58 mins

ANUQRAM, Dulus - Vicensa (Extended Mix)

Weekend Heroes - Delta (Gai Barone Remix) 

Stan Kolev - At Every Moment (2024 Remix) 

Marc Lenz - People Are People (Original Mix) 

Paul Arcane, From The Earth - Orion (Extended Mix) 

Yotto, Anden - Will You Remember Me (Extended Mix) 

Mees Salome - Beyond Us (Extended Mix) 

Alex Vanni - Never Know (Extended Mix) 

Solee - On The Other Side (Original Mix) 

Sebastian Sellares - Dark Omen (Original Mix) 


Mark as Played

00:00:00 Oceanlab, Above & Beyond - Sirens Of The Sea (Marsh Extended Mix)

00:07:06 OMB, Haruo Chikada, Lunasun - Mystery Of Life (Original Mix)

00:09:56 Nicolas Viana - State Of Mind (Original Mix)

00:13:24 Dave Leck - Opal (Original Mix)

00:18:22 Pouls3n - Awakening (Original Mix)

00:24:19 Paul (AR) - Hypnotic (Dave Walker Remix)

00:27:46 Paul Thomas - Talk Tonight (Extended Mix)

00:32:46 Bondarev - Meteora (Remixes) (Cosmonaut Remi...

Mark as Played
January 20, 2024 62 mins

00:00:00 Taleman - I've Been Dreaming (Excited Version)
00:07:11 Eriva - Oracle (Original Mix)
00:12:30 Taylan - Earthbound (Andre Moret Remix )
00:17:50 Arina Mur - Together Again (Extended Mix)
00:23:41 Teoca - Suliman (Original Mix)
00:27:49 Fideksen - Kta In My Universe (Diego R Remix)
00:32:29 Paul Hamilton, Cathy K - Silent Fortress (Original Mix)
00:38:05 Doriaan - Orcinus (Zstimer Remix)

Mark as Played
January 13, 2024 65 mins

00:00:00 Wassu, Ricardo Angeles - Beyond (Extended Mix)
00:06:21 Emi Galvan, NOIYSE PROJECT - Connection (Original Mix)
00:13:49 Marian (AR) - Seneca (Original Mix)
00:18:32 Marsh, Allknight - White Lie (Pneuma) (Extended Mix )
00:22:08 Zulu Mageba, Sibongile Aqua, Pearl Filwe - Free (Alex Vanni Remix)
00:26:55 Hrag Mikkel - Cosmic Bliss (Original Mix)
00:32:21 Cuovai - Hang On (Extended Mix)
00:36:13 Pa...

Mark as Played
January 6, 2024 61 mins

00:00:00  1 M.O.S., Christian Burns - Why (Extended Mix)
00:06:07  2 Ben Bohmer, Felix Raphael - One Last Call (Extended Mix)
00:11:32  3 Rinzen - Signal (Original Mix)
00:15:27  4 Delta Vaults - Clouds In Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
00:20:49  5 Jon Towell - Trancoso (Original Mix)
00:27:14  6 GMJ & Matter - Nassaukade (Original Mix)
00:33:02  7 Paul Lennar, Palau (OFC) - Higher Love (Original Mix)

Mark as Played
October 19, 2023 53 mins

1. Saleh, Amir Farhoodi         Guitar Lanes     Original Mix   
2. Molac          As Above, So Below              Dulus Remix
3. Sasha          Wolks Vagen      Eli & Fur Remix 
4. Rossalto      Between The Lines                Original Mix
5. Maris, Juantxo Munoz       Tribubu     Original Mix 
6. Justin Marchacos  Anticipate    Original Mix  
7. Ballen          Chakra     Original Mix           

Mark as Played
October 11, 2023 55 mins

1. Greenage, Taleman           1000 Nights of Summer     Original Mix   
2. ZaVen         Unimaginable             Original Mix
3. Reziden       Hunter      Extended Mix
4. Spencer Brown & Qrion    diviine             Extended Mix
5. Marsh, Jodie Knight          Sleep     Wassu Extended Mix 
6. Big Al, Below Bangkok      Dark Forest    Original Mix  
7. Elliot Moriarty        Hidden Behind Reality     Or...

Mark as Played
July 18, 2023 60 mins

1. Muui           Magnetic Beings     Deep Mix   
2. Joseph Ashworth               Dominika        Gorje Hewek & Dulus Remix 
3. Above & Beyond   Surge      PROFF & Igor Garanin Extended Mix
4. Awka          Reasons To Dream    Original Mix
5. Dosem, My Friend             Blue Marble     Extended Mix 
6. Hawkedon              Synapse      Original Mix  
7. Mystic Mind           Siempre     Hobin ...

Mark as Played
March 31, 2023 41 mins

1. Wassu, Ventt         Dusk     Organic Version   
2. Soul of a Zoo, Laliberte     Into Your Tribe          Club Mix 
3. Andrew Pololos, EMRIA, Cafe De Anatolia         Te Pienso      Extended Mix
4. P.O.S.          Polar Bears     Original Mix
5. Obeidmusic            Elara     Original Mix 
6. Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding    Miracle      Ginchy Remix  
7. Chemical Surf, Fancy Inc.     Darkness     Extend...

Mark as Played
March 24, 2023 46 mins

1. Maricha      If     Organic Version   
2. Henri (BR), Eilo (BR)           Forever      Extended Mix
3. Planet Funk, Makebo        Chase the Sun     Makebo Remix
4. Faya            Radical Fantasy          Original Mix
5. DJ Chus, Olly Klars, Tosz    To The Moon   Extended Mix 
6. Marsh    Reminiscent      Extended Mix  
7. Whoriskey     Spaceships     Extended Mix          
8. Pretty Pink, Dan Soleil ...

Mark as Played
March 19, 2023 51 mins

1. Eduardo McGregor      The Hunter     Original Mix   
2. Bodai     Brave     DJ Zombi Remix 
3. Mitch Oliver, Madraa     Rayon      Original Mix
4. Mauro Masi     Hear     NPot Remix
5. Kaidien    Emergence   Original Mix 
6. Basil O'Glue, Nomas    Mission      Hakan Ozurun Mix  
7. Luciano Pelliza     Electric Sun     Original Mix     
8. Sundrej Zohar    In Love With The Night      Original Mix ...

Mark as Played
December 12, 2022 63 mins

1. GasoM, Aske Izan      Regreso     Original Mix   
2. Return To Saturn     Soulful Memories     Original Mix     
3. Audiense, Mukk, S.Birin     South Atrium     Original Mix
4. Alfonso G     Sunrise     Original Mix 
5. Kris Dur    Gaia   Original Mix 
6. Pole Folder    La Declaration      Original Mix  
7. Baoure      Last Sky     Extended Mix        
8. Shapeless    Temple      Extended Mix      

Mark as Played
November 3, 2022 58 mins

1. Deepinity      Shower Of Love     Ias Ferndale  & Aurel den Bossa Remix  
2. Diiptrip     Karnaval     Original Mix     
3. Zahna     We Are Close     Mauro Massi Remix 
4. Sanzy     Memory Bliss     EL1AX Remix 
5. Sebastian Sellares    Renaissance   Original Mix 
6. D-Nox, Stereo  Underground  Creativity  Original Mix  
7. Nicolaou      Aneto     Original Mix           
8. Madness Factory    Aur...

Mark as Played
August 7, 2022 62 mins

1. Sina Bathaie      High Bridge     Original Mix     Hoomidaas Records     
2. Modulo, Harmonious     This Day     Original Mix     A Soul On Board      
3. Lezzath     Forthcoming     Original Mix     Black Habitat 
4. Arht     Back 2 U     Original Mix     Altru: Prism     
5. T. Markakis    Take Me Back (The Underground)    Original Mix     QU3
6. Macromism     Who Wants It     Original Mix     100% Pure 

Mark as Played
July 16, 2022 57 mins

1. Fluida      Trailing Jade     Original Mix  
2. Arina Mur     Sea View     Original Mix     
3. Albano Bastonero     Malarino     Original Mix     
4. Armen Miran    Don't Worry    Original Mix      
5. Serge Devant     Hush Hush     Original Mix      
6. Austin Grooves     House Music     Original Mix      
7. Montel      Harlem     Retromigration Remix      
8. Istia    Get Down     Guri Remix ...

Mark as Played
July 9, 2022 59 mins

1. MarinToamun      Around The World  Extended Mix  Flow Records                
2. Qaraqoom     Tomchi     Original Mix     Serum
3. Nik Alvizos     Back To You     Extended Mix     Statement! 
4. Iman Deeper    Walk With Me    Original Mix      Natura Viva
5. John Fisherman     Mountain     Original Mix     Cona      
6. Matteo Gargallo     Inner Truth Christian Monique Remix     Dopamine White
7. Dear Hum...

Mark as Played
June 24, 2022 59 mins

1. I Still Remember     Powel Remix     Mariner and Domingo     Sound Avenue               
2. What Lies Beyond    Original Mix     Not Demure     Univack Records         
3. Two Hundred Falls    Original Mix    Somelee    Kiksuya Records 
4. Basanta     Original Mix     Analog Jungs     Mango Alley      
5. Window To The Soul     Original Mix     Enzo Paradiso, Chär Spiinelli     Big Toys Productions
6. Hear Me...

Mark as Played
June 4, 2022 60 mins

1          Aurora (Extended Mix)                                   Aurora

2          My Life Rules (GMJ Remix)                             Kandar

3          Back To The Roots (Extended Mix)                 Makeba, Amonita

4          Nitida (Original Mix)                                       Mathas Delyngaro

5          The Stars Above (Original Mix)                       Kazko

6          Sayonara                                         ...

Mark as Played
May 15, 2022 63 mins

1          Tale (Original Mix)                                          Gregory Esayan           

2          In Your Arms Again (Extended Mix)               Undun

3          Melting Through (Kenan Savrun Remix)        Tomi H

4          Disappear (Gorge & Nick Curly Remix)           Yulia Niko, Mery Kilic  

5          Reload (Original Mix)                                      Michael A        

6          Penumbra (Original Mix)      ...

Mark as Played
April 21, 2022 59 mins

1          Even After Ten Years                                      Meeting Molly


2          Feeling Good                                                   Simone Vitullo, BrigitteWickens


3          Solnce                                                             Krasa Rosa      


4          Sobon                                                              Foletto


5          Grazer (Through The Night)                            ...

Mark as Played

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