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April 14, 2024 69 mins

Find Jerry HERE and make sure to check out his book ⁠RETURNING ⁠ .

"For nearly five decades, I lived with the palpable pain of unhealed trauma and shame. Growing up in a house filled with poverty, substance abuse, and physical, sexual, and emotional abuse left me with profound wounds. 

The trauma and abuse started as early as I can remember and so did my use of drugs and alcohol. At age five my parents began giving me alcohol ...

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⁠Shirin⁠ is a dedicated teacher, facilitator, and guide specializing in mindfulness and mindset. She has been featured as a wellness expert on the Today Show, The New York Times, Shape, and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

After a decade as an award-winning opera singer, performing at prestigious venues like the Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall, Shirin was burnt out and unhappy. This experience taught her that true fulfillment comes from...

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I have always wondered, "What is the point of earth? " Why do we come here and what are we coming here to learn? That the experience many of us have had here has been a little less than savory if you know what I mean. So I have been exploring this for many years and had a revelation or remembrance is what I'm calling it, that finally gives me the answers that I've been looking for to make sense of all this madness...

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Matt Kahn is an incomparable spiritual teacher, highly attuned empathic healer, powerful speaker, and captivating author. He enriches people’s lives by providing heart-centered solutions that ignite, delight, and unite! Matt wrote the highly acclaimed books Whatever Arises, Love That, Everything Is Here to Help You, and The Universe Always Has a Plan, which have been translated into more than a dozen languages. His second book, Eve...

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Pamela Aaralyn is a world-renowned Trance Channel, Mystic, Spiritual Teacher, Oracle, Remote Viewer, and Galactic Historian. She is also a Sound Healer, Musician & Writer. Pamela is currently a Ph.D. student writing her work in the field of applied consciousness and practical mysticism. Pamela has been channeling and working with Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Beings, and Adepts since age five.   Pamela shares her insights glea...
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Meet Zoey Greco. Zoey has had her intuitive ability her entire life, as well as her gift for healing. Able to describe her past lives and experiences in the beyond as an infant, all through her childhood she was able to "see" what wasn't there and to "hear" what wasn't said. Renowned psychics instantly recognized her as "gifted" and prophesied that she would one day have a powerful impact on th...

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Join us in this episode as we delve into the world of spirituality, quantum physics, and energy with Adeyemi Adeyosoye. With over 11 years of experience in these fields, Adeyemi brings a unique perspective, blending his background in Mechanical engineering and the Business world with his deep spiritual journey.

Adeyemi's passion for spirituality has driven him to read countless books, attend retreats, and invest in courses to a...

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February 18, 2024 40 mins

Episode 3: Embracing Discomfort


Host: Welcome to the final episode of "Embracing Discomfort." In this episode, we'll examine the role of discomfort in our personal growth, how gratitude plays a crucial part, and whether discomfort is antithetical to happiness.

Segment 1: Growth Through Discomfort

Host: What would a life of only comfort look like, and how does discomfort contribute to our personal gro...

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February 11, 2024 44 mins

Episode 2: Confronting Discomfort


Host: In this second episode of "Embracing Discomfort," we'll focus on how we perceive discomfort and our responses to it. Let's delve into the ways we view and cope with the challenges that arise.

Segment 1: Defining Our Perspective

Host: How do you see discomfort in totality? Is it merely inconvenient, a distraction, or perhaps even the villain of your life? We...

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February 4, 2024 49 mins

Thanks for coming back to Spiritual Shit!

Welcome to "Embracing Discomfort," a three-part podcast series that dives deep into the various facets of discomfort and how we can navigate through it. In this first episode, we'll explore what discomfort means to us and begin to unravel the complexities surrounding it.

Segment 1: Defining Discomfort

Host: When you hear the word discomfort, what comes to mind? Is it a physic...

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The end of 2023 is giving end of 2019 vibes and spirit has put this message on my heart as we embark on some very life-altering and mind-changing events in the current perspective and definitely on the horizon. It's time to prepare your mind for what's to come. 

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If you are feeling wrecked about the devastation that is going on in the world, I'm here to offer my perspective and my spirit guide's guidance on what to do during this time and how we can actually help. I channeled something on 9-18-23 that mentioned what happened before it happened and what to do about it. 

You are loved. I stand with all humans on earth in love. 

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Is Spiritual Shit Back?!? Well, for today at least. We have a very important episode we launched over at The Miss Mystic Podcast and I wanted to include it here as well.

⁠Marianne Willamson⁠, presidential hopeful, gets in the mud with me as we discuss the spiritual and genuine physical implications of our political world. She addresses the Israel/Palestine conflict, her views on education and healthcare, and her stance on what the...

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Danielle LaPorte is a member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 a group who, in Oprah Winfrey’s words, “is uniquely connecting the world together with a spiritual energy that matters.”

The former director of a future studies think tank in Washington, DC, where she managed a team creating global scenarios. She now speaks about the intelligence of the heart.

Her most recent book, How To Be Loving…when your heart is breaking open and the world ...

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"I'm a former school teacher turned creative. What began as reciting spoken word poetry in coffee shops to impress girls evolved into a creative adventure that has spanned the last 10 years; crossing genres, mediums, and oceans. I'm now an author, hip-hop artist, speaker, designer, filmmaker, and creative consultant. I've made a lot of mistakes along the way and share the lessons I've learned for all those looking to have a better ...

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There is a little voice that speaks to you and helps you move through life a little bit easier. Do you know how to access it and hear it more clearly? Well, I do and I think I can help! 

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We talked about so much! Les is amazing but we really put our focus in this episode on our own experiences as black women in the wellness space, learning about discomfort ( the good and bad) and talking about what does safety in spirituality look like for us? For you?  


Founder and Host,
Balanced Black Girl

"At the age of 20, I began my personal wellness journey in hopes of finding inspiration an...

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We get DEEP into it today where my husband, David, and I talk about consciousness, mysticism,  atheism, and our relationship. One of the most asked question I get is around this topic and we hope that our discussion will give you some insight on how to navigate that yourselves. In true SPIRITUAL SHIT Fashion, we also cover a shit ton of other things. We hope you like the episode! 

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Get ...

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With all the stigma that is attached to readings and how many people are getting scammed, I wanted to take the opportunity to set the record straight and give you a few tips and tricks to spot a few red flags from readers as well as some red flags within yourself.

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We tend to look at life in a very binary way, measuring its successes against its failures and believing that the successes or the proverbial wins are the only ones that really matter. But it’s in a failure, likely more than our successes that we find our true center. We find the areas of our life that are chalked full of shame, guilt, self-hate, disappointment, trauma, and quite plainly pain. It’s in those moments that we really f...

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