The Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot

The Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot

This podcast is dedicated to helping ambitious current and aspiring digital course creators hit the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot™ – making 250k+ in profit, working 5 hours a day with a lean, remote team and a simple business model that prioritises deep impact and happiness over relentless scale. From start to finish? It’s a three to five year journey – and truly? It’s oh so worth it. This is the podcast for you if you’re intelligent, ambitious and you want more – but you prioritise time, freedom and happiness over relentless scale at any cost. You’re a dreamer, yes — but we’re also a doer, and you’re willing to do the damn work to get there. You’re infinitely capable and wildly committed. You crave freedom, impact and to make a ding in the universe. We cover all things online business, and specifically? Online courses, creating a profitable lifestyle business over relentless scale at any cost, becoming a thought leader, authority and micro celebrity in your space through marketing, social media and podcasting, building wealth as an online business owner, lifestyle design and more. We’re for impact. We’re for freedom. We’re for course creators. Let’s make waves.


May 30, 2023 26 mins

This week is a big week for me. 

After three BIG years of planning, construction and building.. and a couple of years of preparing before that, we are finally moving into our "dream home". 

This is the same home I put on my vision board when I started this business five years ago, and which I have systematically and strategically worked to have come to life.

It's one thing to strategise, th...

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Let’s talk about cash flow, because ultimately? CASH is the lifeblood of every business under the sun.

Recently, I have had a number of conversations behind the scenes with clients that are feeling challenged managing payment plans, failed payments and the resulting cash flow challenges in their business.

In today’s podcast episode, we’re diving deep into payment plans, cash flow management and more.


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Ever wanted a behind the scenes sneak peek into the launch process for a multi-million dollar online program? We've JUST wrapped our final ever group intake of our high level group coaching program Launchpad, with our sixth and final launch. 

Let's peel back the curtains and talk about what goes into the uber-successful launches you see online.. and, also? Why the "secret sauce" for success may NOT quite be ...

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PRE PS: THIS WEEK on Thursday, we are hosting a very special LIVE private training where, for the very last time, we are sharing our complete methodology for a successful online course selling system that has a steady flow of highly qualified traffic and a well optimised and high performing selling system.

If you've ever been curious to know about our process, we highly recommend that you come along here. There i...
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PRE PS: Have you had "creating a leveraged course, group coaching program" on your "wish list" for far too long? If so, it's time to take action!

We're currently enrolling for our VERY LAST EVER enrolment of Launchpad in a special six month container at a six month rate. We also a super special bonus for those that join us.

To apply to find out more, and to get an invi...
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"Lifestyle Design" is an interesting concept.

Very practically, it refers to intentionally designing how you want to live your days, and designing your life FOR that.

But, how do you ACTUALLY do it?

The truth is, it's NOT an easy path.

It requires you to get really honest with yourself, to make some hard decisions and sacrifices in the pursuit of the thing you most want... and ...

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April is a month of big, big news for The Course Cartel.

And in the second big announcement in less than a week, we're sunsetting our FLAGSHIP group coaching program, Launchpad.



Don't worry though, we will be finishing with a bang... with the opportunity to join us in a 6-month container for the very FIRST and LAST time ever!

In today's podcast episode, ...
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April 11, 2023 31 mins

I was supposed to be launching Legacy, my high level program for established course creators, this week.

But, I’m not. The reason is nuanced, but I wanted to share with you my thoughts in the event that it serves you, too.

The intention of the Legacy program is to help established course creators to reach the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot. It’s a mission that many of you aspire to, and I always want to be in inte...

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❌ Do not do this: Set an arbitrary and likely unrealistic revenue goal for your next 12 months (without any clear idea of WHY you’ve set it), burn yourself out hustling to achieve it and then wonder where it all went wrong.

Here’s what I so often see:

People under $100k a year setting $100k as their revenue goal.

People over $100k setting $1m as their revenue goal.

And 99% of the online business ...

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It’s true what they say: What got you here, won’t get you there.

And, if you're a course creator that has already enjoyed that first sweet taste of success, it's NOT going to be the same “hustle to the top”, “doing allll of the things” mentality that is going to catapult you from where you are into a business that feels as good as it looks, supports the LIFE you want to lead, enjoys high profit margins and doesn...

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"I want a $100k launch," she said. "Can I do it?"

My answer was simple, and it's the same answer I give to EVERYONE I work with:

YES, you can.

BUT you can't focus on the 100k to get there.

Instead, you need to reverse engineer that dollar figure into KPIs - meaning, how much traffic do I need to reach that goal?

And then do whatever it takes to hit that KPI....

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❌ Newsflash: Productivity is keeping you stuck on the "working all hours" hamster wheel.

The definition of productivity is, quite literally, the amount of output you produce. The more you can fit into a day, the more "productive" you are.

And as someone juggling a lot, achieving peak productivity used to feel like the holy grail for me.

"If only I could learn how to get more th...

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March 7, 2023 31 mins

Are you building a business to support the LIFE you want?

If not, why not?

There's no use chasing an arbitrary $1 million in revenue if you aren't CLEAR on why you want that amount, or exactly what it will take to get there.

In today's podcast episode, we're sharing three things to consider when making the decision to intentionally design a business to support a LIFE that you love.

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Revealed! A sneak peek into what day-to-day life looks like as a business owner, mother, partner and friend juggling all of the things! For anyone that has ever wished that they had a behind-the-scenes snapshot of what it's REALLY like to run this business, today's podcast episode is for you.

This sneak peek is an insight into how I plan and execute my week.

In this episode, we discussed:
✔️ The Se...

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February 21, 2023 52 mins

A couple of years ago, I had a profound epiphany that changed my business and my life forever.

At the time, my digital course business was rapidly growing, revenue was skyrocketing. Had more students than ever.

On paper – I had achieved the success that I had thought I so desperately wanted.

I should have felt happy, excited and full of pride.

Here’s how I felt instead:
Tired, burnt out and over it
🚩 Like an imposter

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Hands up if you're guilty of this!

Here's what it looks like:

Opening up your banking app.
Taking a quick squeeze and using the "cash in the bank" to assess the "health" of your business.
Making decisions on spend based on the figure you see.
Rinse, repeat.

It's normal for ...

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TRUTHBOMB: You DON’T have to scale your business to the moon (and in fact, the pursuit of doing so might be costing you dearly).

Here's how to set yourself up for LIFE - both in terms of revenue, wealth and your TIME (aka the ultimate freedom) - and enjoy the ride along the way.

In this episode, we discussed:
✔️ Stop listening to people with a completely different endgame to you;
✔️ Swap "scale...

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Who needs to get more eyeballs on their business without spending a cent?

*Everyone raises hand*

It's critically important, and even more so RIGHT NOW. Attention is currency, and the more you are able to command it, the more competitive you will be in the marketplace. From the very start of our business, we have relied heavily on organic strategies to grow our business. The power of doing so?

1) Incr...

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Tough love-bomb 💘💣 

Without authority, you will find it incredibly tough to sell.

And without authoring content (literally, the “author” in authority), you will find it incredibly tough to build authority. It’s as simple (and as difficult!) as that.

Think about the people that you buy from and work with online. Most likely, you decided to do so because you had developed a sense of rapport and trust with...

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Next up in our Podcast Best Of session, we revisit Why Starting THIS Podcast is BEST Thing We’ve Done — Ever (And What We'd Do Differently If We Were Starting Today)!

Starting my podcast is hands down, without a doubt, the single most powerful and highest ROI marketing strategy I have ever adopted in my business. It is almost singlehandedly responsible for 40% of enrolments into our Launchpad program, and for the rema...

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