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March 31, 2024 24 mins

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What are the rules? 

In an era where artificial intelligence is revolutionizing communications and marketing, this episode dives into the critical conversation about the impact of AI, the void of formal regulations, and the industry's quest for ethical self-regulation. 

It may well be up to us as a profession to craft our own ethical guidelines and envision what effective self-regulation could look like to safeguard the future of communications. 

In this episode, a glimpse into what those regulations might look like. And should we even have rules for something we don’t really understand yet?

Listen For
5:29 The Revolutionary Impact of AI and the Need for Self-Regulation
6:47 The Broader Influence of AI and the Challenge of Regulation
9:53 The Premature Nature of AI Regulation and the Importance of Education
14:07 Self-Regulation, Ethical Guidelines, and the Potential Role of Gen Z

Professor Christian Stiegler
LinkedIn | Guiding Light | Website
Prof. Dr. Christian Stiegler is the Director of Guiding Light - an international organisation for ethics and sustainability in technologies. As an award-winning researcher and internationally renowned expert on emerging technologies, he writes and speaks extensively on subjects such as XR, AI, technology ethics, the metaverse and emerging technologies.

Manuel Hűttl, CEO Milk & Honey PR
LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Website
Manuel Hüttl is Partner and CEO of Milk & Honey PR, a global Public Relations agency dedicated to shaping brand reputation. He is an industry veteran with over twenty years of experience, and opened Milk & Honey’s first continental Europe office in 2022. Manuel Hüttl holds various board positions and leads the AI Steering Group at Milk & Honey PR.

Download the AI Ethical Playbook by Milk & Honey

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