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May 26, 2024 24 mins

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Andrea Rooz has been a professional voice actor for two decades. In this episode she shares the intricacies of voiceover work, including the importance of acting classes and improvisation skills. She also highlights the shift in the industry from seeking traditional "radio voices" to preferring more relatable, everyday voices.

Andrea outlines some of her techniques for maintaining a clear voice, such as chewing gum, staying hydrated, and munching on green apples.

She also discusses the challenges of the job, including dealing with demanding clients and the increased competition due to the rise of home studios during the pandemic.

Listen For
4:25 – The Industry Shift from “Voice of God” to “Voice of the Everyday Person”
5:19 – How to Adapt Voice to the Product or Service and Audience
10:12 – The Role of Demographics in Voiceover Choice
13:06 – Technical Aspects and Preparation for Voiceover Work

Guest: Andrea Rooz
Website | LinkedIn | One of Andrea’s TTC reads for the TTC 

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