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February 25, 2024 21 mins

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Managing public relations for the British Royal Family is an intricate world, particularly now amidst the backdrop of King Charles III's health concerns. Two people who’ve been very close to that world are David Yelland, former editor of the Sun in the UK, and Simon Lewis who… managed public relations for the Royal Family under Queen Elizabeth II.

In this episode we explore the evolution of public relations strategies within the Royal Family. Simon and David share their insider perspectives based on their experience. What are the biggest PR challenges facing the Royals today with the health of King Charles III in question? How has the Royal Family adapted to the digital age? And what advice would they give today?

Listen For
3:11 The Evolution of Royal Communications Strategy
4:42 Reviewing the Importance of Simon’s Role as the First Comms Director for the Royal Family
5:54 Transparency and Openness Within the Palace
10:03 The Importance of Duty and Public Service

Simon Lewis, former Communications Director for Queen Elizabeth II
David Yelland, former Editor of the Sun

Listen to Simon and David on their podcast “When it Hits the Fan” as produced by Raconteur for BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds.

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