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March 3, 2024 26 mins

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For the past 2+ years nights have been tense in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

Julia Petryk, one of the co-founders of the Ukrainian PR Army joins us one evening to share what life is like now and the critical role of communications in the ongoing conflict. The efforts of the PR Army have helped mobilize a formidable information front to combat disinformation and keep Ukraine's situation in the international consciousness.

This episode offers a unique look at the power of strategic communication in times of war and the unyielding fight for national identity and sovereignty.

Listen For
3:15 The Role of PR in Conflict Zones
4:37 Founding the Ukrainian PR Army
13:56 Utilizing AI in Counteracting Disinformation
23:25 How PR Pros can Help

Guest: Julia Petryk
Website | Ukraine PR Army Website | Email | X | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook

Read Kateryna’s Story on the PR Army website

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