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January 30, 2024 62 mins

In this episode of the StratComm.Live Podcast, hosts Josh Hatcher and Kelsey Bowden dive into the crucial digital marketing trends shaping the nonprofit sector in 2024. As the landscape evolves, they stress the significance of digital engagement for small nonprofits, emphasizing the role it plays in appealing to donors and grant funders.

Welcome to StratComm.Live, THE podcast for Small Business and Nonprofit Marketing.

We're here to guide YOUR organization in telling your story effectively. Many nonprofits and small businesses struggle with ineffective marketing or reaching the right audience. We're here to change that!


Getting the Most of Your Nonprofit Digital Marketing This Year:

Addressing the importance of digital marketing, the hosts discuss the pivotal role a robust web presence plays in enticing funders for support.

Trends to Watch: Nonprofit Marketing in an Evolving Digital Landscape:

Personalization Matters: The hosts delve into individual level personalization and segmentation based on demographic information.

Invest in the Digital Realm: Prioritizing online presence and the importance of donor-centric online giving options.

Harness the Power of Video: Discussing the role of video marketing for younger audiences and cost-effective ways to create impactful content.

Engage Influencers: Exploring the benefits of collaborating with influencers and the key steps to leverage influencer marketing.

Leveraging Valuable Resources: Mentioning resources like NANOE and exploring podcasts and blog posts for expert guidance.

Above All Else, Be AUTHENTIC with Your Nonprofit Digital Marketing:

The hosts emphasize the dynamic and ever-changing nature of nonprofit digital marketing, encouraging adaptation to remain impactful in the digital age.

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00:20 Introduction

01:16 The Importance of Digital Marketing for Nonprofits

02:00 Understanding Nonprofit as a Business

03:39 The Impact of Nonprofits

04:36 Fun Icebreaker Questions

13:30 The Importance of Digital Presence for Nonprofits

16:43 Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

20:22 The Power of Personalization in Marketing

24:23 Investing in Digital Presence

32:06 The Importance of Planning and Creating Content

32:48 Harnessing the Power of Video

34:12 The Impact of Social Media Algorithms

35:25 Creating Engaging Content for Your Community

36:58 The Power of Live Video

37:33 Behind the Scenes: A Live Video Demonstration

41:29 The Role of Influencers in Nonprofit Marketing

45:28 Leveraging Resources for Nonprofit Marketing

54:40 The Future of Nonprofit Marketing

57:46 A Fun Story: Going Viral with Hot Dogs

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