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January 16, 2024 37 mins

In this episode of Super States, we sit down with Jonathan Nhan, a pharmacist and hypnotist. We dive into the dynamic realm of human design and hypnosis as catalysts for life transformation. Human design, a fusion of ancient esoteric methods, unveils a personalized energetic blueprint, empowering individuals to harness their energy for more effective life management. 

Meanwhile, hypnosis unlocks the gateway to super states, unveiling the profound power of trance. Jonathan stresses the crucial role of integrating diverse modalities and continual self-improvement for unlocking the path to personal and professional growth. Don't miss out on this transformative conversation – tune in on your preferred podcast platform or catch the video on YouTube. 


  • [01:34] - Discover how Jonathan utilizes hypnosis and human design to propel professionals and entrepreneurs past obstacles, unlocking their full potential.
  • [03:12] - Uncover the essence of human design and its transformative impact on personal and professional effectiveness.
  • [10:54] - Gain invaluable insights and lessons drawn from Jonathan's wealth of experience in hypnosis.
  • [13:54] - Explore the unique perspective of a pharmacist-turned-hypnotist with a keen interest in human design.
  • [17:34] - Dive into the transformative power of keen observation and cultivating awareness.
  • [22:58] - Recognize the pivotal role of principles and their impact on personal and professional growth.
  • [31:41] - Peek into the future of Super States - a dynamic tool for unleashing personal and professional potential.
  • [36:12] - Embrace the significance of perpetual self-improvement in achieving lasting success.


“Working on yourself is such an important thing that I don’t think we spend enough time doing” - Jonathan Nhan

“You can only understand things within the frame of your understanding. If it’s something that lies outside of it, there’s probably more work that you have to do” - Jonathan Nhan

“Understanding the use of Super States just helps you to focus and really use yourself in the best way possible” - Jonathan Nhan


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