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May 18, 2022 15 mins

Popular YouTubers are switching away from video to podcasting. At the same time, podcasters constantly hear that they should be launching on YouTube. What’s the future of podcasting on the video platform and is it really a great place for your show?

We sit down with veteran YouTuber and creator economy expert Samir Chaudry of The Colin and Samir Show to discuss:

  • Why The Colin and Samir Show launched as a podcast first
  • Why big YouTuber...
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    Finding advertisers for your show can be a long, hard slog. Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer your ad slots in a store and interested sponsors could add them to their cart in seconds?

    That’s the idea behind Gumball, a new host-read ad marketplace. Gumball CEO Marty Michael joins the show to talk about:

  • The problems with handling host-read ads manually
  • How Gumball works for both podcasters and advertisers
  • Which podcasts are a good...
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    Twitter can be a goldmine for finding podcast listeners and building relationships with them. Twitter’s Shay Thiyagarajah joins us for an insider look at the steps you can take to find your audience on the social platform.

    If you’ve been jonesing for a way to get live feedback from listeners during a podcast recording, you’re going to want to hear this! We go deep on Twitter Spaces including how to:

  • Plan a live Twitter Space to get t...
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    LinkedIn’s Jessi Hempel shares her best tips for using LinkedIn to grow your audience and build connection with listeners.

    As the host of Hello Monday and the head of the LinkedIn Podcast Network, Jessi has herself experimented with all that Linkedin has to offer podcasters, and she tells us what she’s found to work best.

    We cover:

  • LinkedIn’s new podcast network, how it works, and why you might want to apply to join
  • The specific ways J...
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    The value you create is not in how you deliver your content, says Mighty Networks CEO Gina Bianchini. Your value comes from giving people a reason to pay attention to something they care about, and a way to manifest their identity.

    That’s why Gina recommends you stop thinking of what you do as podcasting and start thinking of it as bringing together people who want to find each other.

    We cover:

  • What content businesses can learn from s...
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    Podcaster and producer Nick Hilton shares his take on current podcast industry trends and what they mean for those of us in the long tail. 

    Is the golden age of podcasting over? Warning! Pessimism ahead. 

    We cover:

  • What it means when tech platforms, like Apple and Spotify, enter the content game
  • The misalignment with big tech that’s creating big stress for content creators
  • The industry dynamics that Nick says make it hard for the long t...
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    Your podcast isn’t in the Top 100 list? Don’t despair. Podcasting’s long tail is a great place to be. Jeff Vidler, president of podcast research company Signal Hill Insights, shares his data on the listening and spending habits of podcast audiences, and what the numbers mean for you.

    We cover:

  • Why it's a mistake to apply mass media dynamics to podcasting
  • Where long tail podcasters have an advantage over the Top 100
  • The top reason l...
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    Do you dream of podcasting full-time? Kyle Cray is here to share how he was able to fulfill that dream, recently quitting his job as a software engineer to go all-in on his show. 

    Kyle walks us through how he and co-host Kim launched their reality TV podcast and quickly grew it, how they packaged and priced their plans, how they keep fans engaged, and why subscription income is hands-down Kyle’s favorite.

    Get a full transcript of thi...

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    How much should you charge for your podcast subscription? Should you have multiple tiers or one? What about annual or lifetime memberships?

    Subscription pricing expert Steven Forth reveals everything you need to know to set a podcast price that will have people clicking to subscribe. From understanding the value you deliver, to using market and competitor benchmarks to your advantage, you’ll learn the secrets of buyer psychology and...

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    How do you grow from zero to 3 million downloads in 3 years? For Terri Lomax of Cultivating H.E.R. Space, a few key strategies paid off.

    Hear how Terri and her co-host identified their ideal loyal listeners, collected their input, and folded that feedback back into the show. You’ll then learn how Terri has used the PHLIP method to land features in high-profile publications and collaborate with high-profile guests to continue their ...

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    Jay Clouse has built the Creative Elements podcast to nearly a million downloads since its launch in March 2020. It now sits at the heart of a mini media empire that also includes newsletters, a blog, and training courses. 

    How did Jay grow his podcast so quickly? Listen in as he shares a range of backstage tips, from harnessing the power of a good edit to how he landed Seth Godin as his guest for episode 1.

    Get a full transcript of ...

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    We’ve got a special episode for you today, on loan from TubeTalk, a podcast for YouTube creators. The hosts of TubeTalk recently had Saagar Enjeti and Jason Sew Hoy on as guests. 

    Saagar Enjeti is the co-host of a hit podcast and YouTube show called Breaking Points. Breaking Points launched a subscription program with Supercast this past summer that landed 10,000 paying subscribers in the first 48 hours alone.

    Jason Sew Hoy is the CE...

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    American Girls is a podcast mashup of pop culture, '90s nostalgia, and social history. It has quickly blown up, attracting a deeply engaged audience of followers and paid subscribers, along with sponsors and a book deal.

    Co-host Allison Horrocks shares how American Girls has succeeded by staying true to their vision and audience, the tipping points in their growth, and why following standard podcast wisdom isn't always the r...

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    Ask A Housekeeper publishes every single day as a podcast, YouTube show, and blog post. How does host Angela Brown do it? “I like to work smart, not hard,” she says.

    For Angela, that means using a documented 172-step system, producing in parallel, and repurposing everything from backdrops to transcriptions.

    After more than 1,200 episodes, the show is a well-oiled money-making machine. But more than that, it’s a huge marketing funnel ...

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    When is your podcast not just a podcast? When it evolves to survive in today’s 500-lane multimedia world. 

    Juleyka Lantigua, founder and CEO of LWC Studios, joins us to explain how collaborating with your audience to find new extensions of your show isn’t just smart—it’s crucial to your sustained success.

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    Master marketer Dave Gerhardt shares details of how he built a thriving community of 3,000+ paying subscribers in less than 2 years. 

    Starting with a podcast, Dave’s DGMG community now includes an active Facebook group, a content-packed “university,” and an industry job board.

    In this rapid-fire conversation with host Jason Sew Hoy, Dave unpacks:

  • How audience feedback shows you the way
  • The value of low-fi content
  • Using a podcast at ...
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    Quick!—Name 3 ways to grow your podcast audience. I bet you didn’t say finding your purpose, protecting your energy, or taking the marketing pressure off. 

    But podcast veteran Espree Devora is here to share why those things work. 

    Along the way, we explore podcast SEO, Twitter hacks, mental versus physical subscription, and so much more. You don’t want to miss this episode.

    Espree Devora is the founder and long-time host of two podcas...

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    Author & podcaster Joe Pulizzi (Content Inc.) shares what it takes to turn a great podcast into a great podcast business. From focusing on platforms but diversifying revenue to wrapping your audience in the octopus arms of content love, Joe’s insights and examples point the way to growing and sustaining your podcast income.

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  • Extended interviews...
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    In this episode, we have Alie Ward as a guest! Alie is a science journalist and host of Ologies, a  smart, fun science podcast filled with bizarre stories and science knowledge from many different fields (or -ologies!).

    She is also the Daytime Emmy Award-winning science correspondent for CBS’s "The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca,” and host of “Did I Mention Invention?” on the CW.

    Reaching 50 million downloads on...

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    In this episode we'll hear from Jack Rhysider, the creator behind Darknet Diaries, an award-winning podcast with over 15 million downloads last year. With loyal listeners paying up to $15,000 a month in paid memberships, this podcast focuses on true stories from the dark side of the Internet: on hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the networ...

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