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February 26, 2024 26 mins

"Transferable skills turn your past experience into your future asset." Hana Dhanji

It does not matter if you have been with the same company for 10 years or 25, or have taken a hiatus and are wanting to return to work. Changing direction can be daunting. We become experts at what we've been doing for so long, that we no longer see the value in our experience and our talents. We find it hard to see how we can go and do something else. What could we possibly provide a new employer? 

TONS! That's what. You are teeming with transferable skills that you can throw into your toolbox and take anywhere you go!

In today's Surviving to Thriving Podcast, we talk about the unsexy topic of transferable skills:

  • How to uncover all of your awesomeness that you take for granted.
  • How to leverage the skills you have.
  • How to articulate the skills you have to move you to your next chapter.

If your resume is in need of an upgrade, then this is definitely the episode for you!

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Here is the book Soundbite by Sara Harberson that I make not of in this episode.

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