Talking Book Publishing with Kathleen & Adanna

Talking Book Publishing with Kathleen & Adanna

This podcast focuses on the business end of the pen. What does that mean? It's getting into the nitty-gritty of the business side of being a writer or publisher. We at Talking Book Publishing will bring in industry experts, Published authors, publishers, agents, and editors for conversations about what tools writers need to be as successful as they can on their publishing journey.


May 31, 2024 37 mins

In this episode of Talking Book Publishing, hosts Kathleen and Adanna participate in a fascinating conversation with Lina Hart, the author of “The Spectral Series,” a sci-fi supernatural romance series. Lina's unique journey to becoming an indie author, shaped by her lifelong love for sci-fi, particularly Star Trek, is sure to inspire. She shares insights into the intricacies of crafting a story with multiple points of view, u...

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Welcome to a pivotal episode of "Talking Book Publishing," where your hosts Kathleen and Adanna discuss the transformative merger reshaping the landscape for writers and publishers alike. Join us as we delve into an enlightening conversation with Gary Young, the president of the Independent Writers of Southern California (IWOSC), and Stephen Sanchez, the visionary vice president. This episode marks a momentous occasion, c...

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Unlock the secrets to successful memoir marketing in this insightful episode of "Talking Book Publishing," where hosts Kathleen and Adanna welcome digital marketing maven Lisa Angle and author Bee Bloeser. Dive deep into the art of creating captivating social media content that resonates and engages. Learn how platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook can become powerful tools in your promotional arsenal, transformin...

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Join hosts Kathleen and Adanna for another insightful episode of Talking Book Publishing as they get into the nitty-gritty of manuscript editing with Lynn Varon, a seasoned editor. Lynn sheds light on common manuscript pitfalls while sharing her editing journey fueled by a lifelong passion for reading and a keen eye for good writing.

Drawing from her extensive background in editing, Lynn compares the editing processes for magazines ...

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January 11, 2024 50 mins

On Crafting Stories and Breaking Myths: A Deep Dive into Writing

Welcome to Season Four of Talking Book Publishing, hosted by Kathleen and Adanna. In this episode, they are joined by the renowned best-selling author and creator of the Red Sneaker Writing series, William Bernhardt. The conversation delves into the significance of story structure and the evolution of the Red Sneakers Writers Series. William shares insights ...

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December 28, 2023 50 mins

On the Horizon: Exploring the Evolving Publishing Landscape

Dive into the dynamic world of Talking Book Publishing with hosts Kathleen Kaiser and Adanna Moriarty, joined by the charismatic small publisher Jay Hartman in our last episode of 2023. Jay shares his love for books, the challenges traditional bookstores face, and the evolving industry landscape.


Experience a heartfelt ode to libraries, Jay's new venture with...

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November 9, 2023 47 mins

On Navigating the Publishing World

Discover what sets Wendelin Van Draanen apart on this episode of Talking Book Publishing. We sit down with the accomplished YA Author as she shares her incredible journey of publishing more than thirty books and offers invaluable insights. The conversation delves into crafting captivating narratives and navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the publishing industry. She reflects on her...

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On Unleashing the AI Revolution in Book Promotion and Transforming Your Success

Discover the exciting realm of AI in book promotion as Kathleen and Adanna take you on a captivating journey. Uncover an AI's ability to create fictional legal cases that sparked court controversy and see how it spices up content with adjectives, adverbs, and emojis. They emphasize that AI is a powerful tool that, when used thoughtfully, can sp...

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October 12, 2023 43 mins

On Unlocking Amazon's Hidden Categories: A Path to Publishing Success


Join us for an eye-opening episode that will supercharge your publishing journey and leave you ahead of the game. In this riveting conversation, hosts Kathleen and Adanna dive deep into the heart of Amazon's latest category conundrum with Amazon expert Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur. 


Have you heard of "ghost categories?" These elusive realms ...

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On a Mission for Change:  Unveiling the Rise of a New Publishing House

In our latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Kristen McGuiness, a prolific author and visionary founder of Rise Books. Kristen shared her incredible journey in publishing, from working at the big five houses to becoming an accomplished writer. Her upcoming debut novel, "Live Through This," set to release on October 1...

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An Uncommon Author's Odyssey: Crafting Modern-Day Nursery Rhymes

Step into children's literature with our latest episode of Talking Book Publishing! Join your hosts Kathleen Kaiser and Adanna Moriarty as they dive into a captivating conversation with Kelly Anne Manuel, the brilliant mind behind 31 unique and delightful children's books.

Kelly Anne's journey is as extraordinary as it is inspirin...

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Unveiling the Art of Developmental Editing and the Life of a YA Author

Dive into the depths of the editing realm with Talking Book Publishing as Kathleen and Adanna converse with acclaimed YA Author Rebecca Inch-Partridge, the brilliant mind behind "Escaping the Dashia." However, this episode offers more than just a glimpse into Rebecca's latest work; it unveils her dual role as a developmental editor, shaping literar...

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On Making a Living as a Writer

In this episode, Kathleen and Adanna enjoyed chatting with Sheila Lowe, a bestselling author whose literary accomplishments are inspiring. Having sold over 400,000 books throughout her career, Sheila joins us to share insights on making a living as a writer.

In our conversation, we'll explore Sheila's journey as an author, uncovering the secrets behind her success in the co...

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On Submitting and Setting Up a Book Tour

The ins and outs of book tours and the art of submitting work to publications in this captivating episode of Talking Book Publishing. Join host Adanna as she engages in an enlightening solo conversation with the multi-award-winning poet, playwright, and memoirist Anne Marie Wells.

Drawing from her extensive experience, Anne Marie sheds light on the intricate world of submit...

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Join us on a captivating episode of Talking Book Publishing as we reunite with one of our first guests, Ivor Davis, a seasoned writer with a remarkable career from the '60s to the present day. Kathleen and Adanna are thrilled to delve into Ivor's publishing journey, covering his experiences with traditional publishing through an agent and his exciting venture into self-publishing with two brand-new books on the horizon.

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On eBook Promotions

In this episode, Kathleen and Adanna delve into eBook promotion—a crucial aspect of book marketing. They explore why it is necessary, how to identify the most effective strategies within your budget, and whether converting your book into an eBook is financially viable. With their extensive marketing expertise, they offer insights into the lucrative eBook market. Whether you've been struggling with ...

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Discovering Zealandia: A Geologist's Antarctic Odyssey

Join Kathleen and Adanna as they welcome geologist and author Bruce Luyendyk to discuss his upcoming memoir, Mighty Bad Land, available May 30. In this engaging episode, Bruce shares his experiences during his first scientific expedition to Antarctica, where he and his five-person team embarked on a six-week geology quest, accidentally discovering a new continent ...

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In this episode of Talking Book Publishing with Kathleen and Adanna, we continue with part three and our final installment of The LA Times Festival of Books series showcasing more talented authors and publishers in the Writers & Publishers Network (WPN) booth, which has a diverse group of individuals this year with a book for everyone. 

Join us as we chat with Patricia Cochee and Ravven White, who will be at our Trousd...

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Welcome back to Talking Book Publishing with Kathleen and Adanna–and part two of our LA Times Festival of Books (LATFB) series. We're excited to highlight more authors and their books, Kimberly Davis Basso, Tonia Shimin, Jacob Kilgore, and Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin. These four will join us at the festival as part of the Writers & Publishers Network (WPN) booth.

This year's booth comprises incredible authors...

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Welcome to the Talking Book Publishing Podcast with Kathleen and Adanna! Join us for part one of our special series for the 2023 LA Times Festival of Books (LATFB). We are thrilled to share our exclusive interviews with three amazing authors: Susan Hartzler, Gordon Blitz, and Dale Arenson. Hear them discuss their books and their writing process. Be sure to meet our guests in person at the Writers & Publishers Network (WPN) boot...

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