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Technology Untangled

Why isn't talking tech as simple, quick, and agile as its innovations promise to be? Technology Untangled is just that - a show that deciphers tech's rapid evolutions with one simple question in mind: what's really going to shape our future (and what's going to end up in the bargain bin with the floppy disc)? Join your host Michael Bird as he untangles innovation through a series of interviews, stories, and analyses with some of the industry's brightest brains. No marketing speak, no unnecessary jargon. This is real tech talk from the people who know it inside and out. Discover which tools and systems are revolutionising the way we do business, what's up next on the endless innovation agenda, and, most importantly, how you can future-proof and get ahead of the curve.


February 27, 2024 32 mins

We’ve spoken before on this podcast about cyber security and protecting yourself from cyber crime - but what is being done to tackle the phenomenon internationally? That’s what we’re looking at in this episode. We’ve bought together some of the most senior global figures on cyber crime to find out how international collaboration and public/private partnership is taking the fight to the criminals.

It’s a big task. It is pre...

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In this episode we are looking at the challenges AI technology faces when it comes to becoming, and then remaining sustainable.
The benefits of AI are unquestionable: from improved medical assistance and increased efficiency in the workplace, to autonomous transportation and next-level gaming experiences. But the more expansive the abilities of AI become, the more data storage that’s required.

That data storage uses a l...

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In this episode, we’re taking a look at how the explosion in our demand for data storage has led to needing more capacity than ever before, and whether long-vanished ideas from our computing past could influence technological innovation in the future. 

In 2022 the world generated 97 Zettabytes of data. It has been predicted that, by 2025, that number will almost have doubled to 181 Zettabytes. Although at the rate generati...

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January 16, 2024 39 mins

In this episode, we'll explore how technology is changing the way we communicate. But much more than that, we're going to be looking at how it's actually changing our relationship with language itself.

Ever since the first pictograms which date way back over 5000 years, we've been searching for technologies to communicate with each other in more widespread, more efficient ways. The printing press, the telegram, the telephon...

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Sports and data are closely intertwined – and that’s especially true for spectators. So how can data, analytics, IoT and connectivity create better experiences fans? In this episode, we’re taking a look at how major sports venues and events are using technology to create the perfect experience for their customers.

It's something that’s been a recurring goal for clients of HPE Aruba Networking over the last few years. Simon ...

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Routes into STEM – Could apprenticeships solve the tech talent crunch?

There’s an acute shortage of candidates for tech jobs – in fact, research suggests tens of millions of potential roles are going unfilled. In a poll with global technology chiefs conducted by MIT’s ‘Technology Review’, a majority found that they weren’t getting enough candidates for roles, and those who did apply lacked necessary skills. 


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You've heard it from us before on this podcast, but we'll say it again. AI is transforming our world.

Depending on which market research you look at, AI in healthcare is already somewhere from a 14-21 billion dollar industry in 2023, which is almost double what it was worth just two years ago. By 2028, it's set to be a 100 billion dollar global industry, growing some 40% year-on-year. That's astonishing, even in the already...

The dawn of the exascale computer has arrived. In May 2022, a computer named Frontier was switched on at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA. At well over twice the computing power of the previous world record holder, it has ushered in a new era of supercomputers, with at least two more to follow in the coming months and years.

In this episode, we’ll be looking at why this undeniably impressive milestone actually m...

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The world’s energy supply is in a state of flux. Australian coal is being bought up by China faster than it can be mined, Europe is coming to terms with Russian gas being shut off, and the US is grappling with how to produce more energy whilst meeting green targets and keeping people in mining areas employed. 
 It’s a tough balancing act. In the last episode we looked at how to produce more energy. But how do we ma...

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The world is in a state of flux when it comes to energy production. Australian coal is being bought up by China as fast as it can be mined, Europe is coming to terms with Russian gas supplies being a bargaining chip in international politics, and the US is grappling with how to produce more energy whilst meeting green targets and keeping people in mining areas employed. 

It’s a tough balancing act. So how can countries real...

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2022 saw 421 registered natural disasters worldwide, including floods, drought, famine and earthquakes. It also saw new or escalating conflicts in Sudan, Syria and Ukraine. Thousands of NGOs, activists and charity groups do what they can to help those in need, whilst Governments and research groups try to come up with better ways of predicting, mitigating and avoiding disasters.

But you may be surprised to know there's a wh...

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July 11, 2023 42 mins

Bad AI is becoming a major headache for organizations. Tech is a male-dominated sphere, which means that it produces, inherently, male-skewed AI driven by unconsciously biased datasets. The effects of this can be measurable. Run through the same AI, women can receive worse credit or loan agreements than their male counterparts, be pushed out from job openings, receive worse medical treatment, or even receive performance pe...

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Welcome to season four of Technology Untangled from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. A new series means a new format, so join your hosts - yes, plural - Michael Bird and Aubrey Lovell in unravelling the stories and technologies which are changing the way we work. Every two weeks, we take a look at an emergent story in technology and interview experts from across the field to get behind the headlines and find out what's going on...

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March 14, 2023 45 mins

We hear a lot about Big Data. But what does it actually mean? Is it, quite simply, lots of data? Or is there more to it than that? Spoiler alert, there is. A lot more. In this episode, we're taking a look at the age of insight, and how Big Data has evolved from a technical concept to a way of extracting enormous value from the fumes of data meant for other purposes. We'll be meeting some of the people who have been taking ...

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February 28, 2023 36 mins

Cyber Security is big business. In fact, it's estimated to be worth $160 billion. But that's likely to be peanuts compared to the value of cyber crime, which is estimated to cost the global economy $600 billion in 2022 - nearly 1% of the global economy. And just one corner of that - ransomware - costs the same in damage and paid-out fees as the entire cyber security industry: $160 billion. In fact, if ransomware was a coun...

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2022 has not been a straightforward year. A war in Ukraine has seen the world divided and global energy and food supplies disrupted. International tensions between China and Taiwan have reared their heads again. Recession is looming in many parts of the world, and whilst it makes less headlines, Covid is still very much a part of our lives.

But organisations exist to solve problems and provide solutions. So, to mark the end...

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Autonomous vehicles are a hot topic. Their incredible ability – and at times lack of it – is a source of controversy as much as a source of wonder, from avoidable crashes to drivers literally sleeping at the wheel. What's undeniable is that you can now theoretically sit in a car and let it take control as it guides you along the road. But is that actually a good idea? Is technology truly ready to take the wheel? In this ep...

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Since 1990, the global rates of extreme poverty have gone from around 40% to around 10%, and ending World Poverty entirely by 2030 is one of the UN’s Key Sustainable Development Goals, announced in 2015. However, progress is slowing, and 710 million people around the world still live in extreme poverty - currently earning below $1.90 per day. So how can technology help? In this episode, we’ll be meeting some of the people ...

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Ending World Hunger by 2030 is one of the UN’s Key Sustainable Development Goals, announced in 2015. We’re now half way to the final milepost, but estimates still put the number of people in the world who are suffering from hunger and malnutrition at around 811 million, more than 9% of the world's population. So how can tech help? In this episode, we’ll be meeting some of the amazing people at the cutting edge of ending wo...

Professional sport is a world where individuals can earn as much as a decent-sized business, and teams have evolved to become multi-national corporations. And where there's money, technology follows. 

In this episode, we'll be meeting with amazing people at the cutting edge of sports technology to look at how data has become a key part of the field - and looking at what organisations around the world can learn from the perf...

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