The 4PM Podcast

The 4PM Podcast

Transforming 4PM through: Integration to Deliver Value! The 4PM Podcast is the newest platform in the UrukPM Outreach Trio. The outreach trio includes the Applied Project Management YouTube Channel, the Applied Project Management Blog Site, and the 4PM Podcast. We will use these three platforms in an integrated way to provide maximum flexibility and benefits to our community. In these podcast episodes, we will discuss various topics related to 4PM. In this context, 4PM refers to project, program, product, and portfolio management. Our topics include various educational content such as case studies, books, practical tips, the latest trends, the pioneering Uruk Platform, and future interviews with respected project management experts and thought leaders. Do you have topics or questions that you would like us to discuss? Please share!


March 27, 2024 32 mins

Ever feel like the unsung hero in the office, tirelessly managing projects but somehow always overlooked? Step into the spotlight with us as we uncover the hidden battles of project management. With insights into why this essential discipline is often sidelined, we're tearing down the stereotypes and showcasing how vital it is to the success of any organization. From the rise of trendier methodologies to the often-unseen strat...

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Ever wondered why even the most prestigious project management certifications don't always translate into real-world success? Join me, Mounir Ajam, as I unveil the genesis of the Uruk platform and disclose how it's poised to revolutionize the way we manage projects. Our discussion traverses the three transformative principles that underpin the platform, designed to catapult success rates and shatter the industry's re...

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In this episode, we share our thoughts on the Big Picture of Project Management.

We start by sharing our agility, resilience, and agile development story. Here, we discuss the ideas and approaches to developing products, including Big Bang, Iterative, and Incremental Development. 

Then, we offer our counterpoints to some of the myths and narrow thinking associated with waterfall, agile, hybrid, and traditional pro...

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Unlock the secrets to navigating the complex terrain of project management with a fresh perspective from our insightful host, Mounir Ajam. In our latest episode, we confront the buzzword "hybrid" in project management head-on, dissecting whether it's merely a rebranded version of traditional methods or a standalone approach. Mounir masterfully debunks the myth that traditional project management is wedded to the wate...

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February 21, 2024 29 mins

Unlock the secrets to unparalleled project management success as we sit down with Mounir Ajam, the mastermind behind Uruk Project Management's revolutionary approach. Our enlightening chat traverses the intricacies of the four dimensions of project success, shedding light on how they serve as pillars for not just projects, but entire organizations looking to thrive. Discover the innovative solutions from Sukad Corp, including ...

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Unlock the full potential of project management with Mounir Ajam's expert insights on the Uruk  platform in our latest podcast. With over three decades of experience, Mounir delves into the transformative power of aligning project management with business operations, revealing how to tear down silos and tailor project approaches with finesse. Get ready to decode the trifecta of project success — people, tools, and process — an...

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Have you ever felt lost in the labyrinth of project management methodologies? Fear not, as we embark on an enlightening conversation with Mounir Ajam, a guru in the field with nearly four decades of experience. Together, we dissect the complex world of methods, methodologies, and frameworks, setting the record straight on their distinct roles in the project management realm. From the precision of the Critical Path Method to the com...

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Unlock the full potential of your project management skills with insights from Mounir Ajam, a seasoned expert with over three decades of experience. This episode is your ticket to understanding the intricate dance between methods and methodologies in the realm of value delivery. We promise you'll come away with the knowledge to tailor methods that guide projects from their tentative first steps all the way to triumphant comple...

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Unlock the competitive edge your organization has been missing with a masterclass on the strategic essence of project management. As your host, Munir Ajam, I bring nearly four decades of experience to the table, unraveling the intricacies of constructing a robust and adaptable Organizational Project Management (OPM) system. This episode is a deep dive into the alchemy of people, processes, and technology, and how this trio can serv...

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Could your approach to project management unlock untapped efficiencies and effectiveness within your organization? We're peeling back the layers on how the acknowledgment of diversity within project management roles and practices can revolutionize your operations. Our discussion traverses the complex roles of project owners, providers, and customers, highlighting why a one-size-fits-all mentality in project management is a myt...

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Are we measuring our project triumphs through a blurred lens? Join me, Mounir Ajam, as we challenge the prevailing norms in project management. With more than three decades of expertise at the helm, I dissect the perplexing reasons why many projects sink despite seemingly calm seas. We're not just discussing the metrics of success; we're redefining them. As we navigate the murky waters of high failure rates and the desper...

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January 3, 2024 20 mins

Embark on a voyage from the heart of Houston to the ancient streets of Mesopotamia with your guide, a seasoned project management maven with three decades of experience. As we traverse time and space, I'll reveal how the innovative spirit of the Sumerians influences our contemporary quests for value delivery in project management. Houston's energy, medical, and space sectors serve as a modern-day Uruk, propelling us to fo...

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Embark on a thrilling journey into the dynamic realm of Project Management with '4 PM Podcast: Applied Project Management.' In this episode, get ready to explore the crucial facets that shape success in the world of project management, including transformation, performance optimization, integrating people, organizational solutions, and more.

Immerse yourself in a captivating montage of fast-paced project manageme...

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