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April 27, 2022 16 mins

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Episode 20: Overcoming Selling Objections with Michelle Terpstra

Today I am talking to Michelle Terpstra. Not so long ago, she was working for a Fortune 500 company and struggling to balance her drive for success and her desire to control her own schedule and lifestyle. Now, instead of running around town sales meeting to sales meeting, she has a booming online business that feels completely in alignment with her financial and lifestyle goals. She built her business quickly using her sales expertise, creativity, and power to connect and convert her ideal clients.

According to all the "gurus," having fun and selling is impossible. However, if you ask the students of the Sales Success Lab, you will find out that this is simply not true. Persuasion, influence, confidence, and leadership can be learned. Once this power is unlocked, you have access to any dream you desire. It is Michelle's mission to help thousands of entrepreneurs master these skills so that they can also grow their businesses with ease, joy, and purpose.

First of all, she talks about overcoming objections in general. Most men and women have a really bad response to sales. They had bad experiences with salespeople in the past and they just don't want to be a part of that transaction anymore.

She is here to tell you that the old way of making sales does not work anymore! Being pushy and forceful may technically 'get the sale' but you will end up with a frustrated and angry customer who will not come back a second time.

Let's learn to make your sales in a more graceful and purposeful way!

Download her Sales Launch Checklist here.

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