The Apprenticeship Diaries

The Apprenticeship Diaries

A Podcast about beginnings: How the tattoo artists (and professionals) we revere, got their start; What it took, what it takes, and the stories that are made!


June 11, 2024 77 mins

I'm coming out and elaborating in this week's Diary Entry. There's a few confessions and attempts to outline my concepts of things.

This is a further submission to this podcast expressing a want to be as transparent as I can be with Listeners; A willingness to be seen.

Check it out and remember: If you're not having a good time listening, no one is holding you hostage. If it hurts you, know that I want everyone to do what feels bes...

Mark as Played

This is a personal entry that really celebrates the return to health and well-being.

As most who listen know, your host was suffering burnout and then, as if it could be bet on, fell ill last week. We don't know what this mysterious plague was but it leveled your host enough that all work had to cease for the most part and no show could be recorded.

Now, there is a renewal of self and a want to rebrand (cause we can never stop!).


Mark as Played

 Kyle Devaney's (Kyle Ghost) is a very tenacious human who keeps high aims for himself and we (I) think it's best if all who listen to this podcast, know the expectations. If you want to work with Kyle at his new studio (Ghost Gallery Tattoo Company) , expect a serious place that will push you. Especially expect as much if you're wanting an apprenticeship from Kyle. As you'll hear, even those closest to Kyle, don't get off lightly....

Mark as Played

I only kid because I love you man! Had to do an Aussie spin-off with the name of this first piece of Kyle Devaney's (Kyle Ghost) Diary Entry.

Kyle has been in the business for 7 years and pretty much had to frog-hop to one situation to another, in order to be the artist he is today (very talented btw!); He's landed in his own studio (Ghost Gallery Tattoo Company) and I thought this would be a great time to reflect on all that's bee...

Mark as Played

A few days late and perhaps a dollar short? Not sure of much right now as I ( your host ) have been super swamped and am completely late with this Diary Entry.

This is just a check in and a chance to share some cool audio I got of a storm in Oklahoma. Moreover, I kinda announce that I'm getting married? It is an announcement but because I tell it as I do, I really can't account for how unofficial it comes off. LOL!

Happy late Cinco...

Mark as Played

I had a blast on my roadtrip and wanted to share some of the highlights of my time in Oklahoma City with Gold Fang Gallery as well as my time in Tulsa with Karma Body Modifications

It was a wonderful guest visit at both studios but so much more happened along the way. 

If you're in an industry that can travel, do it! It's very good for both the soul and progressing as a professional (networking). It can be done on a budget and in...

Mark as Played

Legos!!!! At first I thought that JD Brosius  (of Rapture Tattoo Emporium in PA) said, "Let go!"... but no... He said, "Legos". In truth, whether I heard one or the other, the bliss one gets is the same if Legos are bought or if one just decides to "Let go". LOL! Listen in and see what JD does with this wonderful medium.

JD is someone that your host is going to make some more time for because, like your host, he and his wife (Chand...

Mark as Played

I really loved this time with JD Brosius of Rapture Tattoo Emporium (PA). Every time I record with someone, I learn so much about all the people that surround me and how very vast they are; I also lament how limited I I am in that I don't have infinite time here, on Earth, to play with them.

JD is someone that your host is going to make some more time for because, like your host, he and his wife, are professional nerds who love to ...

Mark as Played

This is when we really start seeing Josh's passion ignite. He truly dedicates himself to tattooing in this next half. It takes a lot to know when to make the next move, as we'll learn by the end of this last Diary Entry; For now. :)

Thank you so very much Josh and all the beautiful humans over at Rapture Tattoo Emporium.

Love you Listeners! Thanks for added grace today.

You can find Josh Hoffman here on the Rapture website


Mark as Played

"Aimless" is the view of Josh Hoffman (his word), but the truth is that he just really cared; Cared so much that he didn't want to ruin something he loved very much (art).

Josh is now a professional artist who pursues his craft through tattooing, over at Rapture Tattoo Emporium (Mechanicsburg, PA).

Sometimes, caring too much causes paralysis. It's important to know that there will be failure, but as long as we genuinely give a shit...

Mark as Played

Bridges are collapsing and your host is feeling the feels. Something that wasn't mentioned within this Entry was that I've been trying my hand at some decorative sewing and within trying to do this embroidered, bathroom sign, I kept messing up on the word "Hope".

It's been a week (to say the least) for your host and this is truly a venting session. The "hope" is that it has bigger impact than this moment in time, but, at the very l...

Mark as Played

Not only are you going to get the "skinny" on Cabrini today (A fabulous film produced by Angel Studios) but also getting to hear a bit of my terrible singing voice as I attempt a bit of a Alanis Morrissette, classic. I'm dealing with the beautiful buds physically, as my allergies are raging. It's a little Diary Entry, that hopefully will have you go see a great film and take some Claritin.

Happy Spring Diary Listeners!

~Sound Desig...

Mark as Played

There's a wonderful parable in this Diary Entry, about boundaries and it really helped influence me a lot. My hope is that it will give each of you Listeners, food for thought as you soak up the wisdom of the wonderful, Gabe Ripley of Tattoo Now. (In connection with Reinventing the Tattoo and Fireside Tattoo).

Have a beautiful week Listeners and to all who read these show notes, I wanted to tell you about the best movie I've ever s...

Mark as Played

I'm so thrilled to bring the man behind so much, to our Listeners: Gabe Ripley of Tattooed Now and truly, an icon in the tattoo industry.

Gabe is behind a lot of the growth that has happened in the world of  tattooing, over the last few decades. His work, behind the scenes, in the tech world, has meant worlds to us artists. Tattoo Now is a leading forum that when I was a wee apprentice, was where we all went to grow as tattoo profe...

Mark as Played

This is a personal entry where I, Amy Nicholls, talk about my time with GRAB firearms, Guntry, handguns, tattoo licenses, different states, barriers to entry... It's thick and circuitous, but it all wraps up in a nice way so that we all know by the end that permission doesn't really have much to do with proficiency.

Please email me if you'd like to learn more. :)

As always, thank you for your listening time; God bless and great wee...

Mark as Played

Since, in the beginning of Bailey Jene Moran's life, she took the stable job route and worked at a bank, this two part, Diary Entry, is teaming with banking references. ;) It's also so illustrative of all the risks someone has to take to cash-in on investments.

We can't wait to watch this budding talent as she navigates her apprenticeship years; See what kind of "returns" she'll get for pursuing her passion? ;) Frankly, we have ful...

Mark as Played

Wow!!! Our 200th Diary Entry! Such a cool thing and it was so great to mark this moment with our time recording Bailey Jene Moran of Karma Body Modifications, in Tulsa, OK.

Bailey is just starting her journey into tattooing, but because she struck us as someone who knows how to invest well, in the beginning, we decided to have her on the show.

Thank you so much Bailey (Rick too, as her mentor). You're already making moves that will...

Mark as Played

Setting boundaries, cleaning out spaces, all while drinking tea and gearing up for what's ahead in 2024.

We are full swing into this year now. Boy... Does time fly! This episode shares some personal reflections and lets you all know about the carnivore diet (in my experience), as well as some other happenings in your hosts life.

Stay tuned for next week as we are coming in with more interviews as well as looking into Valentine's Da...

Mark as Played

What an amazing story of hope. Just goes to show you that in life, it's worth risking big if the reward amounts to the kind of success that Jess and Kevin Farrand, have found.

Make sure to watch this power couple as it seems like they are paving the way for lots of big things ahead. Also, they are guest-spotting in Hawaii and this show wishes them the safest of travels. 

Thank you so much Jess and Kevin. We'll have to stay in touch...

Mark as Played

This was an instant joy as both Jess and Kevin Farrand, come with bright smiles and so much hope for wonderful things in this world. 

This is a couple who have "risked" much to pursue all passions. It's a powerful story and so far, it's produced glorious happenings. 

Our hope is that this gives Listeners a boldness of spirit; We can only ask outside of ourselves so much until we just have to risk high and obey the inner truth.


Mark as Played

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