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September 4, 2022 72 mins

In this episode, Natasja Pelgrom the host of The Awaken Podcast is interviewed by  Beth Weinstein from the Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast, tune is as they speak about…

  • Natasja’s attraction to energy work, shamanism, meditation, and psychedelics at a young age
  • How “Do no harm” should be a central tenet of all psychedelic facilitation work
  • The huge responsibility you have as a facilitator is to hold sacred the trust you are offered by the people you serve
  • Serious issues that can arise when people wanting to work with psychedelics don’t report contraindications and how this can negatively impact them, their facilitator, and the whole psychedelic ecosystem
  • The growing problem of people doing short facilitator training and immediately jumping into facilitation long before they have the knowledge and experience to do so
  • The energetic differences between male and female facilitation styles
  • “Cleaning” the system to help prepare people for a bufo experience so their innate healing capacity can be more easily activated
  • How the cleaner you are, the more you trust, and the more you trust, the more deeply you can surrender
  • Using a smaller “integration dose” after the main dose/s to empower and bring resilience to the psyche and nervous system
  • How giving super high doses of medicine can be a sign that a facilitator feels they are “not enough”, which is picked up energetically by the client/s
  • The need for facilitators to be able to understand their own programming and hold space without their own issues interfering

Natasja Pelgrom is a visionary leader and mystical mentor, she is the host of The Awaken Podcast and the founder of Awaken The Medicine Within, retreats and programs that support people with psycho-spiritual approaches since 2017. Natasja is a highly intuitive guide and has held training, assisting, and facilitation roles in over 800 psychedelic ceremonies. Natasja was a founding member of the Synthesis Institute and the director of the psilocybin-assisted Wellness retreats. As a key curator of retreat programs, she oversaw the retreat team development and training. She currently advises and supervises executives in the (psychedelic) wellness industry. Natasja is also a mentor to leaders, coaches, therapists, and/or space holders, where she focuses on the mind, and heart coherence to prosper in their Self-leadership. Natasja’s multifaceted mentorship approach is paired with 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience

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