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October 2, 2022 81 mins

Meet Angela Prusa, born and raised in Namibia Angela has been an advocate for the legalization of cannabis and hemp in her home country of Namibia for the past 6 years.

Founder of the Cannabis and Hemp Association of Namibia her passion is to educate on the potential of the cannabis plant to create sustainable industries empower marginalized communities in rural areas and mitigate climate change with hemp and to advocate for a legalization model that has social justice, repatriations, community empowerment, and local and indigenous knowledge and voices at its core.

Angela is a NADA Acupuncture Practitioner who focuses on Trauma and Addiction and works closely with communities in her home teaching them to be NADA Practitioners as well as supporting People who are homeless.

Roots Herbal is a cannabis brand that Angela has co-founded with her friend Talin Sellian and together they support hundreds of People with a range of ailments from anxiety to chronic ailments to mental health issues with cannabis as natural therapeutic medicine.

The focus of Roots Herbal is to closely support People on their health journeys with this plant and to empower People.

Their emphasis is on creating good quality cannabis medicine that is grown with reverence and respect to the plant and the earth, so only small-scale organic growing with spiritual practices incorporated such as growing with the moon cycles, ceremonial

offerings to the plant spirit, and the Earth and lots of love and prayers to create magical medicines to support people as well as investing into the communities that grow the medicine.

In this episode Angela discusses:

  • Journey on the path of healing and service
  • Reciprocity
  • Changing this current paradigm
  • Working with the plants in a sacred way
  • Our daily life in ritual and gratitude
  • Decolonising the way we work
  • Cannabis as a medicine
  • Being a single mother and what that looks like for me
  • The reality of childhood trauma while being a mother
  • Advocating to create legislation so that it is anti-racist, decolonial, cares about Earth and Nature and Animal well-being around Cannabis and Hemp in Namibia.

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In this episode we speak about:
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