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January 16, 2024 77 mins

Welcome to The Awaken Podcast, hosted by Natasja Pelgrom. Join us on an exploration of profound topics encompassing self-discovery, conscious leadership, and personal growth. After a brief hiatus, Natasja returns with fresh insights and a renewed sense of purpose.

Through solo episodes and engaging discussions, we'll embark on a journey that blends ancestral wisdom with modern self-leadership principles. You'll uncover valuable tools to navigate life's complexities, embrace moments of stillness, and work towards manifesting your dream life.

Natasja's guiding quote, "The work is rewarded by the gifts you receive in silence," sets the tone for this transformative season. In this episode, Natasja embarks on a transformative journey with Missoko Bwiti Initiate of 10 Years, Ordained Nganga (healer, seer) and Traditionally Trained Iboga Facilitator, Chor Boogie, BWITI KOMBO (NAME): GNYANGOU – the Sun exploring the topic: 'Truth Unveiled: Exploring Iboga Medicine's Perspective.' Join us for a profound exploration of transformation on The Awaken Podcast.

Meet Chor Boogie aka Gnyangou
Founder and visionary artist Chor Boogie aka Gnyangou has been ordained as a nganga (healer and seer) in the Assenguidia Missoko Bwiti tradition after completing a decade of study and service, the rite of passage, and multiple advanced initiations. His Bwiti name, Gnyangou, means the medicine of the sun. As an Iboga provider, Gnyangou brings his profound dedication to the Iboga medicine, the Bwiti tradition, and speaking truth. His spiritual father is Master Binana, president of the Wise (local chapter of a ngangas’ organization). Gnyangou is a member of Maghanga ma Nzambe, a Bwiti leadership council based on spiritual lineage. Gnyangou leads guests on annual journeys to Gabon. He is also a critically acclaimed spray paint artist.

In this episode Chor discusses:

  • What led Chor to explore Iboga medicine
  • Exploring ancestral wounds and strengths: Unlocking internal relationships.
  • Cultivating patience and inner practices.
  • Iboga's perspective on the concept of truth.
  • The role of providers as spiritual archaeologists.
  • Requirements for entering the field of medicine and psychedelics.
  • Essential criteria for becoming an Iboga provider.
  • Lessons the modern psychedelic community can draw from traditional practices.
  • Cultural appropriation in the context of Iboga in the Western world and its implications.
  • The significance of a robust code of ethics for medicine providers.
  • The importance of energetic protection and the widespread misunderstanding among those using and serving medicines.
  • Being recognized as a healer by Bwiti elders: What does it signify, serving as a nganga

In this episode we also refer to solo episode with Natasja on Rites of Passages and episode with Chors' wife Elizabeth Bast on the four pillars of Iboga and the path of a devotee.

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