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January 30, 2024 67 mins

Welcome to The Awaken Podcast, hosted by Natasja Pelgrom. Join us on an exploration of profound topics encompassing self-discovery, conscious leadership, and personal growth. After a brief hiatus, Natasja returns with fresh insights and a renewed sense of purpose.

Through solo episodes and engaging discussions, we'll embark on a journey that blends ancestral wisdom with modern self-leadership principles. You'll uncover valuable tools to navigate life's complexities, embrace moments of stillness, and work towards manifesting your dream life.

Natasja's guiding quote, "The work is rewarded by the gifts you receive in silence," sets the tone for this transformative season. In this episode, Natasja embarks on a deep dive with Pam Montgomery a revered herbalist and elder, author and international teacher exploring the topic: 'Plant Initiations that Raise Consciousness' Join us for a profound exploration  on The Awaken Podcast.

This podcast episode is a special feature from the Stewards of the Sacred conference, which had its first edition in the fall of 2023. With Stewards of the Sacred, Natasja initiated a transformative virtual conference like no other, where speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds, expertise, and modalities provide insights and perspectives on the topics of stewardship and the sacred, particularly within the context of conscious leadership development, personal growth, and transformation.

At Stewards of the Sacred, we invite you to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, spirituality, and the promotion of global harmony. Our mission is to guide you toward a deeper connection with the sacred within yourself and foster a sense of unity and responsibility on a global scale. We are launching multiple editions, so join our mailing list to get first access to the conference for free.

Meet Pam Montgomery
Pam Montgomery is an herbalist, author, international teacher, Earth elder and new-paradigm thinker who has passionately embraced her role as a spokesperson for the green beings and has been investigating plants and their intelligent spiritual nature for more than three decades. She is the author of two books one of which is the highly acclaimed Plant Spirit Healing; A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness and is currently writing her latest and third book, Co-Creative Partnership with Nature. She teaches internationally and virtually on plant spirit healing, spiritual ecology and co-creative partnership with Nature. She is a founding member of United Plant Savers and more recently the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries or ONE.

In this episode Pam discusses:

  • Common plants are "Teacher Plants" 
  • Plant Initiations answer the questions Who am I ? and What am I doing here? 
  • Plants are guiding us in our spiritual evolution. 
  • Plants engage with us in co-creative partnership working together to move in the New Era.
  • And so much more

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