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April 12, 2022 74 mins

Meet Susan Gash, during healing sessions, Susan invokes the Spirit Doctor Team, a rare entourage of healers, physicians, and shamans who once walked the earth plane. Together they facilitate a multidimensional journey during which participants are able to make personal healing requests, receive guidance from the Spirit Doctors, and awaken to their own innate gifts and cosmic heritage.

As a dowser, Susan blends her highly developed intuitive base with precise technical skills to assist people with removing obstacles, raising energy levels, and reclaiming lost aspects of their soul’s essence. Clients tend to leave Susan’s sessions feeling deeply nourished, balanced, and ready to move on with life with a greater sense of clarity and confidence.

In this episode, Susan discusses:

  • What are Spirit doctors
  • Working with the spirit world
  • What is dowsing
  • How to translate Spirit messages
  • When you take time to be with Spirit, Spirit is with you
  • Multidimensional space of Spirit doctors
  • Dreamwork and healing path
  • What are the main pillars of healing work
  • How to commit to your own intuition
  • The 8 pillars of training with the Spirit Doctors
  • Honoring our ancestors
  • Seeds for our next cycles  


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In this episode we refer to the following episode:
Elizabeth Wood Episode 19 

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