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January 3, 2024 58 mins

Welcome to The Awaken Podcast, hosted by Natasja Pelgrom. Join us on an exploration of profound topics encompassing self-discovery, conscious leadership, and personal growth. After a brief hiatus, Natasja returns with fresh insights and a renewed sense of purpose.

Through solo episodes and engaging discussions, we'll embark on a journey that blends ancestral wisdom with modern self-leadership principles. You'll uncover valuable tools to navigate life's complexities, embrace moments of stillness, and work towards manifesting your dream life.

Natasja's guiding quote, "The work is rewarded by the gifts you receive in silence," sets the tone for this transformative season. In this episode, Natasja embarks on a transformative journey with, 'Rites of Passage: Navigating Change and Transformation.' Exploring the significance of these age-old rituals in both traditional societies and modern psychedelic experiences, and gaining unique insights into navigating life's transitions in today's changing world. Join us for a profound exploration of transformation on The Awaken Podcast.

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In this episode Natasja refers to:

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12. . Studies like "Going to College and Unpacking Hazing" (2005) and "The Anticipation of a Severe Initiation" (2005) 

13. “Frat House” 1998 documentary directed by Todd Phillips and Andrew Gurland

14. The Awaken Podcast: Elizabeth Bast on the four pillars of Iboga  

15. Aldous Huxley's novel "Island"

16. Ram Dass, Timothy Leary, and Ralph Metzner "The Psychedelic Experience," 

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