The Balanced Leader Podcast

The Balanced Leader Podcast

The Balanced Leader Podcast aims to equip leaders at all levels and from all walks of life, with the tools and techniques they need to elevate their wellbeing. Ultimately, the goal is for listeners to emerge from each episode with practical insights and actionable strategies. By consistently engaging with this podcast, leaders can cultivate the skills and mindset necessary to become the best version of themselves—both in the workplace and in their personal lives. I want to empower leaders to create a positive impact on the world through mindful and purposeful leadership. This is a call to action for leaders to prioritise their own wellbeing. Join us as we redefine leadership success, proving that a balanced leader is a more effective, fulfilled, and impactful leader.


July 14, 2024 9 mins

In this first part in a two part series of The Balance Leader Podcast, I introduce you to reflective practice, a powerful tool I've used for years in leadership development and in my personal life. I explain how reflective practice involves looking back on experiences to learn and improve. I discuss the many benefits of this approach, including better decision-making, enhanced emotional intelligence, improved team management, ...

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Joining us on the podcast today is Jessica Spendlove, a renowned high-performance coach and sports dietitian who has worked with some of Australia's top athletes and corporate leaders. Jess's impressive client list reads like a who's who of Australian sports, including the GWS Giants in the AFL, the Cronulla Sharks in the NRL, the Giants Netball team, and the Sydney Kings in the NBL, among other elite sports teams.


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In this episode of The Balanced Leader Podcast, I discuss the constant rush many leaders experience and the importance of slowing down for overall wellbeing and effective leadership. 

I talk about my own personal struggles with always being in a hurry and highlight the benefits of adopting a slower pace, including improved mental clarity, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving abilities. I outline some of the practical tips tha...

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In this week’s episode, I am sitting down with Tracy Secombe. Tracy is an entrepreneur, personal development coach, a former Miss Australia and author of the book “From People Pleaser to Soul Pleaser” . 

Tracy grew up as a people pleaser, which had a massive impact on her life and her wellbeing. When her Mum passed away in 2016, she vowed to change, putting her three businesses at the time on the backburner to prioritising herself a...

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In this episode of The Balanced Leader Podcast, we explore the "Corporate Athlete" model which applies training principles from elite athletes to help leaders maintain high performance over the long run without burning out. Just like professional athletes, leaders need to strategically invest in renewing their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy through specific rituals and practices. Too often, leaders negle...

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In this week’s episode, I got the chance to sit down with Jo Wagstaff, former corporate highflyer turned coach, speaker and author. After climbing the highest rungs of the corporate ladder, Jo found herself burnt-out, facing divorce and feeling ‘not enough’ as a mother to her young son. 

Realising that things had to change, she left her high paying job and underwent an amazing transformational journey to find her authentic self.


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Discover the secrets to unlocking your productivity and wellbeing through the transformative power of morning routines. In this episode of The Balanced Leader podcast I show how morning routines can enhance productivity and wellbeing, in particular for busy leaders.

I also outline the reasons why I think you should consider having a number of morning routines, rather than doing the same routine every day. 

From se...

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In this episode of the Balanced Leader Podcast, guest Declan Edwards, a happiness researcher and founder of BU Happiness College, discusses the transformative power of positive psychology and its application in both personal development and the workplace. Declan shares his own journey from struggling with self-doubt and anxiety to becoming a prominent figure in the field of happiness research. 

He emphasize...

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In this week’s episode of The Balanced Leader Podcast I introduce the PERMA framework, a holistic approach to fostering workplace satisfaction and fulfillment. 

PERMA is one of the most enduring wellbeing frameworks around, originally developed by positive psychology pioneer Martin Seligman. PERMA is an acronym and it stands for Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment. 

Throughout this episo...

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In this episode of The Balanced Leader Podcast, I interview Dr. Kristy Goodwin, a leading expert in digital wellbeing and productivity. Kristy shares insights on how digital habits impact our wellbeing, offering practical tips for leaders and individuals to improve their digital wellbeing without resorting to digital detoxes. We cover topics such as the dangers of digital distraction, the importance of identifying personal pro...
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In this episode of The Balanced Leader Podcast, Mark Bunn, a former professional AFL player and expert in Ayurvedic medicine and Dharmic living, shares his insights and experiences that led him to explore Eastern medicine and a better way of living. 

Mark emphasises the importance of integrating wellness into daily life and focusing less on the ceaseless and conflicting health advice, and focusing more on t...
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This episode tackles the complex and sometimes crippling issue of imposter syndrome. I answer three fundamental questions: 

  • What is imposter syndrome? 
  • Why do we experience it? 
  • And most importantly, how can we overcome it? 

I provide practical strategies for leaders to combat imposter syndrome and thrive in their roles, offering a roadmap to greater self-awareness and confidence in the workplace. 

I also of...

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In this episode of The Balanced Leader Podcast, guest Jeff McKeon, Chief Growth Officer at Neurocapability, shares his insights on the interplay between neuroscience, leadership, and employee wellbeing. Jeff emphasises the importance of self-regulation, emotional awareness, and the necessity of changing toxic leadership models. 

He provides tips for fostering better employee wellbeing, such as cultivating a...
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January 14, 2024 9 mins
In this episode of The Balanced Leader Podcast, I argue that self-awareness is a superpower for effective leadership. Drawing wisdom from Aristotle's words, I share my personal journey as a recovering over thinker with a relentless monkey mind. Self-awareness, as defined by emotional intelligence expert Dan Goleman, becomes a cornerstone for leadership success, fostering productive and creative teams.

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In this episode of the podcast, we dive into the topic of workplace wellbeing with Phil Wolffe, a Wellbeing Specialist and Director of Kinex Health. We had a great conversation about the significance of meaningful connections and the impact of cultivating wellbeing in our workplaces. From managing stress and mitigating burnout to optimising performance, Phil lays out distinct strategies for cultivating a high-functioning team ...
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December 18, 2023 10 mins
In the latest episode of The Balanced Leader podcast we dive into the question, ‘is sitting the new smoking’? We know physical inactivity is bad, but how bad is it? 

We cover: 

  • Is sitting the new smoking? (Spoiler alert: no, but it's not good for you!)
  • The shocking health risks of physical inactivity.
  • Simple tips to get more movement in your day, both at home and in the office.
  • Inspirin...
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In this episode, I welcome Shannah Kennedy, a master life coach and life planner, and Colleen Callander, the former CEO of two iconic Australian fashion brands, Sports Girl and Suzanne.

The duo delved into discussions about well-being, the importance of setting boundaries, the challenges of burnout and the necessity to establish healthy habits. They also discussed their new book, 'Elevate: Unlock Your Extraordin...
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November 19, 2023 9 mins
This podcast aims to equip leaders just like you, with the tools and techniques you need to elevate your wellbeing. In this initial podcast I answer some questions you may have about what the podcast is all about and what we’ll be covering. 

Some of the questions I answer include: 

  • Who am I? 
  • What’s the podcast about? 
  • Who is the podcast for? 
  • Why did I choose to focus on leaders? 
  • Why wellbe...
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