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June 17, 2024 45 mins

In Episode 3 of The Bitlings podcast, hosts Kenny Sargent and William Chad Newsom present the third of our five-episode series on The Lord of the Rings.

Stick around to the end for two special Bonus Features. Descriptions of each are below, after the episode summary.

Today’s episode was inspired by a LOTR-themed conversation in which Chad said, “My girls love Boromir.” Kenny, ever watching for interesting episode material for The Bitlings, replied, “Well, let’s get them on the show to talk about that!”

So today, two of Chad’s daughters, Abigail and Kaitlyn, join the Bitlings to talk about Boromir, and why he is so often dismissed as simply, “the guy that tried to take the Ring,” when there is much more to his character than a single moment of failure.

Find out why Frodo called Boromir “a valiant member of our company,” Faramir said of him, ““Whether he erred or no, of this I am sure: he died well, achieving some good thing” and Aragorn said, “few have gained such a victory.”

Learn some of the small but important ways Boromir used his strength to serve others.

And ponder an overlooked fact: Boromir was not the only member of the Fellowship who tried to take the Ring for himself.

Don’t miss our two Bonus Features: these are culled from extra discussion between Kenny, Chad, and guests that happens before or after the episodes are recorded. A brief description of each, along with timestamps for you to click right to the ones you find most interesting, are below:

Bonus 1: “Vain Was Gandalf’s Trust In Me.” Kenny, Chad, Abigail, and Kaitlyn talk about Tom Bombadil, Ilúvatar, leadership, Aragorn, the challenge and opportunity of failure, and the God who answers when we call.

Bonus 2: “He’s Got a King Now.” The gang talks Aragorn and Boromir, book vs. movie, Aragorn’s claim to the throne of Gondor and Boromir’s assessment of that claim. Comparison is made of Aragorn and Boromir to David and Jonathan, and we note the strange and somewhat overlooked fact that Boromir was not the only member of the Fellowship to fall to the power of the Ring.

SPOILER ALERT: You can’t talk about books without talking about them. Expect spoilers on The Bitlings! This is a family-friendly show, but you should shield the ears of children if you don’t want key plot points spoiled for them.

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