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August 30, 2023 25 mins

Kieren has sadly passed away since the time of this recording. It is an important part of Kieren's legacy that his lived-experience continues to be shared to raise much needed awareness and support to others.

Bowel Cancer Australia thanks and acknowledges Kieren's contribution in creating a powerful voice for change, and our thoughts are with his loved ones.

For Kieren life was near perfect. His snow business was firing in Canada, and he was enjoying the best of both worlds between the snow in Canada and life near the ocean.

However his world came crashing down after a stage 4 bowel cancer diagnosis in the heart of the COVID pandemic in 2020. Kieren has now written a book about his diagnosis and talks to Stephanie about how he had wished he had simply done the screening test when it arrived.

“I walked past it constantly and made up every excuse I could think of as to why I didn’t need to do the test. My life could have been so very different had I just done the test!”

He also discusses the importance of being a forceful advocate for your own health and ensuring you surround yourself with like-minded people who are (or have experienced) the same as you. “Getting the right support is everything,” Kieren adds.

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