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January 3, 2024 42 mins

In this episode of The Business Gay Podcast, host Calan Breckon speaks with the Creative Director of Bulldog Productions and the founder of The Bow Platform, Matthew McLaughlin.

Over the last 15 years, Matthew has led Bulldog Productions as a director and producer in developing commercial campaigns, organizing charitable efforts, and creating original concepts for primetime network television and streaming platforms. Matthew has an intimate understanding of both the creative and technical aspects of filmmaking, backed by the financial expertise to help make any project a reality.

The Bow, which Matthew founded, is an ad-driven streaming service that will feature elevated original content created for queer people by queer people. The Bow will also offer a user experience community with social media functions and interactive resources that will revolutionize queer living and create connections on a global scale. Best of all, The Bow is not hidden behind a paywall making it accessible to those who need it most. The Bow is a platform where allied corporate sponsors will have the opportunity to join forces to support true excellence in North American 2SLGBTQI+ film and television.

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Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

  • 02:15 The Bow is a streaming platform with immersive queer storytelling at its core, offering high-quality content for free with interactive features.
  • 04:53 The Bow aims to be a resource and a connection point for the LGBTQ+ community, especially for younger individuals who may not have access to queer content behind paywalls.
  • 07:55 LGBTQ+ creators telling queer stories bring diversity and authenticity, breaking away from stereotypical narratives and showcasing the expansive and resilient nature of the queer experience.
  • 10:48 The Bow's choice of an ad-based model aims to make queer content accessible, challenging the traditional placement of queer content behind paywalls and opening up opportunities for advertising revenue.
  • 21:16 Billy Porter, as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion adviser, supports The Bow's mission to connect with and empower the queer community, emphasizing the importance of reaching queer youth through accessible platforms.
  • 26:19 Pink washing or rainbow washing in corporate pride initiatives is criticized, emphasizing the need for genuine commitment and certification by LGBTQ+ chambers of commerce.
  • 27:24 The Bow aims to foster connections, understanding, and education, providing a platform for diverse queer representation, with a focus on connecting similarities rather than dividing differences.
  • 29:28 Calan Breckon supports certification programs for corporations participating in pride parades, ensuring a genuine commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity beyond symbolic gestures.
  • 32:52 The Bow's three-year plan includes launching six original productions, acquiring 400-700 relevant titles,
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