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March 20, 2024 25 mins

In this episode of The Business Gay Podcast, host Calan Breckon speaks with entrepreneur, Swish Goswami.

Swish is the heart and soul behind Surf, a loyalty platform shaping ethical consumer connections and data collection. As CEO, Swish has woven Surf into the fabric of internet browsing and worked with giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime Gaming, raising over $8M and sealing two impactful acquisitions. Beyond the boardroom, he co-founded the “Track Limits Podcast,” all about Formula 1 racing. Swish is an accomplished author, K-Swiss ambassador, League of Innovators Board Chair, and passionately helps guide organizations through his angel fund AGEX Capital.

His journey is studded with accolades like Startup Canada's Young Entrepreneur, LinkedIn Top Voice, and Plan Canada's Top 20 under 20. Beyond the titles, Swish is a storyteller at heart. He's shared his wisdom on TEDx stages 4 times and taken part in over 300 global events, making entrepreneurship a deeply personal voyage for Swish.

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Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

  • [01:52] Angel Investing involves individual funding, while Venture Capital consolidates funds into a separate entity with a general partner and limited partners.
  • [02:34] Swish shares raising $750,000 from 21 Angel Investors for Surf in 2018.
  • [03:29] Building relationships before asking for money helps in fundraising; feedback and implementation build trust with potential investors.
  • [05:10] Founders should be prepared with a data room, financials, deck, and product demo when seeking investment.
  • [06:44] Swish advises delaying fundraising if possible, allowing time for bootstrapping to mature the product and metrics, potentially increasing valuation.
  • [09:45] Founders should establish a clear timeline, inquire about the investor's thesis, and seek information on how the VC supports portfolio companies.
  • [11:35] When selecting investors, Swish prioritizes those who are hands-on, have a good reputation, and can provide long-term value beyond immediate needs.
  • [13:40] As an angel investor, Swish looks for founders with compelling stories, evaluates market potential, and assesses whether the product is personally appealing and makes sense.
  • [15:02] Swish explains different exit scenarios: IPO, sale to another company, and mergers, emphasizing the need to consider what is best for the team, investors, and oneself.
  • [17:47] Swish acknowledges market fluctuations and advises founders to prioritize the well-being of the team and investors when considering exits.
  • [19:22] Surf compensates users for their data and is in an M&A process. Swish gears up for a new chapter in gaming, joining as the Head of Growth.
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