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August 23, 2023 43 mins

Have you ever wondered how childhood traumas can be transformed into stepping stones for success? Tina Tower, an acclaimed author and entrepreneur, offers us a window into her remarkable journey. Founder of Empire Builder, Tina's mission is to empower 100 women to build million-dollar businesses by 2025. Our connection sparked in Costa Rica at Jill Stanton's Millionaire Girls Club retreat, and we're thrilled to deepen this bond as we explore what it means to be a woman in business today.

Tina shares her inspiring odyssey, from battling childhood adversity to becoming a successful businesswoman. She credits her first psychic reading as a major turning point, sparking an activation that changed her life. We discuss her approach to business, marked by unwavering resilience and ambition, and the importance of shifting away from a constant hustle mentality. We then navigate through her personal journey of acceptance and growth, symbolized by a story about a $700 dress that signified a monumental mindset shift.

Finally, we delve into the power of consistent belief in oneself and the fear of failures as stepping stones to success. Tina shares her innovative strategies for instilling a growth mindset, and how she fosters this in her clients. As she supports her son's pathway to professional golf, we get a glimpse into her personal development system. She talks about her vision of a large-scale speaking event and her connection to Sarah Blakely's higher self, which propels her closer to her dreams. Tune in as we unravel Tina's inspirational journey and her mission to reshape the world of entrepreneurship.

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