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November 14, 2023 9 mins

What if destiny is not predetermined but rather a series of choices that you get to make? Join your host, Amber Annette, as she continues her enchanting journey through her book, ‘You Already Know’, tackling the second chapter, 'You Already Know Your Path'. Amber takes you through a thought-provoking exploration of our life's path, challenging the traditional notion of destiny and urging you to claim your desires.

Brace yourself as Amber shares profound insights on the importance of trusting in oneself and learning to say 'yes' to change. Borrowing from her clients' experiences, she offers a fresh perspective on the seemingly delayed steps towards our desires and the ignored warning signs from the universe. This episode will remind you that what may seem like a delay is actually a slingshot towards your desire. Get ready to explore your path, ask yourself the grounding questions - What do you trust in this moment? What can you ground yourself into? - and ultimately, know your way forward.

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