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August 16, 2023 37 mins

Curiously enough, the journey to success isn't always linear, but rather a beautiful blend of passions woven together by a powerful sense of purpose. This couldn't ring truer for Jessica Hoch, founder of Moxie Mala's, an extraordinary multi-six figure jewelry company. What started as a love for yoga and apparel design has grown into a thriving business that resonates with those who value intentionality in their adornments. Jessica's story is illuminated by her commitment to create meaningful products that embody her tagline, "peacefully untamed".

There's something undeniably powerful about authenticity and curiosity in the path of entrepreneurship. Jessica Hoch’s journey is a testament to this. Connecting the dots of her diverse career, she listened to her intuition, felt good about her decisions, and observed the world around her. This curiosity sparked new paths, workshops, and even the discovery of her signature style. Her struggle to connect her inner and outer selves through clothing is one that many of us can relate to, and it's a conversation not to be missed.

As we chat with Jessica, we uncover her thoughts on expanding the Moxie Mala's product line to include shirts, journals, and subscription-based home decor pieces. It's not just business for Jessica, her spiritual practice informs her decisions and guides her actions. She's even created an exclusive bracelet for the Business Psychic, a beautiful union of spirituality and entrepreneurship. As we end this inspiring conversation, let's not forget the affirmation from the universe that the coming months are going to be her best in business. Fascinating, isn't it? Jessica's journey truly affirms that authenticity, curiosity, and a strong sense of purpose can indeed pave the way to success.

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