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March 13, 2024 32 mins

Embark on a transformative journey with us as we sit down with the inspiring Lindsay Bednar, founder of Rodney K Press, to uncover the profound impact of mindfulness on entrepreneurship. Through Lindsay's personal evolution from teacher to entrepreneur, we uncover the undeniable power of meditation in discovering one's true calling. Her story is a beacon for anyone seeking to tune into their inner voice, urging listeners to embrace their desires and the bravery needed to pursue a path aligned with their soul's purpose.

As a fellow writer grappling with the maze of unfinished manuscripts, I invite you on a candid exploration of the creative struggles we face and the unconventional methods that can reignite our passion for the written word. We discuss how accountability, be it through your audience or a creative partner, can be the catalyst for completing your work. Discover how embracing presence, whether through meditation, journaling, or other artistic endeavors, can unlock a torrent of ideas and guide you down the path of storytelling.

Concluding this episode, I share a tapestry of insights into the magic of personal memoirs and their capability to add a unique essence to one's brand. We touch upon the power of platforms like YouTube in amplifying our collective stories and the promising growth that awaits in realms like real estate investment. As you navigate your entrepreneurial journey, remember to trust the wisdom within and the guidance of the universe. Until we meet again, may you find inspiration in your own narrative and the entrepreneurial magic that's woven into the fabric of your business and life.

Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Book a free discovery call with Lindsay to discuss your book and learn more about Lindsay’s process.
  • Listen to Episode 24 of the Business Psychic podcast featuring Lindsay’s sister Kristin Rowell here!

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