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September 6, 2023 52 mins

What if the tumultuous journey of divorce could be not just a painful ending, but a profound opportunity for self-discovery and growth? This is the transformative perspective that our guest, the accomplished attorney turned life coach, Meagan Norris passionately shares. Meagan takes us on a deeply personal journey, from her own experience with divorce, through her struggles with anxiety, to the realization of her calling to empower women, especially those navigating through the complex process of divorce.

Could anxiety be viewed as a sign of a higher calling, rather than a problem to be fixed? Meagan urges us to consider this possibility, as she shares her own moment of clarity that led her from being a divorce coach to a holistic life coach. It's a thought-provoking exploration of how personal growth can sometimes create tensions in our relationships, and how divorce can be a symptom of not following our authentic life path. Meagan  shares practical tips on how to stay present during these challenging times, trust the transformation process and recognize when it's time to seek professional support.

Retreat, reflect, reorient – the 3 R's that our conversation explores in the final segment. We also touch upon the creative process of writing a book, the importance of staying connected with loved ones during times of upheaval and the power of trusting your intuition. Meagan 's story, insights, and holistic approach offer a much-needed perspective on navigating change, embracing authenticity, and creating a fulfilling life post-divorce. Join us for this enlightening conversation that promises to inspire and empower.

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