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November 28, 2023 56 mins

Ever wished you could communicate with your intuition like it's an old friend? Join us for a profound conversation with Judi Jamieson, a seasoned intuitive and psychic development teacher. We dive into the heart of spirituality, sharing our personal experiences with psychic abilities and the importance of trusting our intuition. Judi shares her insights on the role of spirituality in the world of women in business, the power of personal growth, and the need to shift away from any close-mindedness.

We get candid about our transition from psychic readings to teaching, reflecting on the unique challenges and experiences we faced. Hear about the limitations of one-on-one readings and how teaching can make a more profound impact on people's lives. Relive the moment with us as we recount a moving experience where we guided a departed friend to cross over. We also delve into the eternal question – do we all have psychic abilities and gifts? We share our journeys of discovering our gifts and the ripple effects they had on our relationships, especially with family members who didn’t believe in these abilities.

Finally, we journey into the mysterious realm of channeling and connecting with guides, describing the sensations that come with it. We talk about how we use this connection for various purposes and the role of meditations and dreams in psychic development. Our guest, Judi, shares her exciting plans for her business and her drive to create in-person spiritual experiences. Join us as we explore the exhilarating path of following your intuition, growing as individuals, and how to flourish in life by embracing the extraordinary gifts within each of us.

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