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October 3, 2023 57 mins

Prepare for a profound exploration of vulnerability, resilience, and redemption with our guest, Cat Coley. Known for her storytelling prowess, Cat is a catalyst for change and a transformation coach who's had a roller-coaster journey, from the heights of the corporate world to the depths of a personal and professional crisis. This episode takes you through this journey, detailing how she grappled with a challenging legal battle, faced prison time, and ultimately, started anew.

Cat's story is far from ordinary. She reveals the raw truth about the consequences of her actions, the harsh reality of starting from scratch, and the power that lies within vulnerability and truth. She shares the struggle of overcoming past trauma, seeking validation, and gaining the courage to share her story as a tool for empowerment and connection. Our conversation is not just about her past, but also about the lessons she learned, the strength she discovered, and the resilience she displayed.

Towards the latter part of our discussion, we delve into the transformative power of sharing your trauma. Cat's experiences serve as a testament to the healing power of sharing our stories and the impact it creates. This episode is a stark reminder that our past does not define us and that sharing our traumas can lead to acceptance, inspire others, and ultimately, pave the way for profound change. Join us, as Cat's journey serves as an inspiration for anyone seeking to overcome adversity and rebuild their lives.

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  • Complimentary 40 min. 1:1 Call with Cat. In this 40 min. I can help them with the first steps of redifining & unpacking their story so they can begin repacking them to the right audience and create clarity, gain confidence and master client attraction.

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