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January 16, 2024 47 mins

Embark on an inspiring journey with me, Amber Annette, as I welcome the remarkable Danielle Marggraf to enlighten us on the transformative power of feminine wealth. Danielle's evolution from the depths of financial despair to her rise as a money and nervous system coach will leave you in awe and ready to conquer your own financial and personal challenges. With every obstacle she faced, including divorce and homelessness, Danielle unlocked a deeper sense of purpose and a pathway to prosperity that she now shares with women worldwide.

Strap in for an exploration of somatic healing and how it intertwines with our ability to manifest the life we yearn for. We'll peel back the layers of how our bodies and subconscious minds can harbor limiting patterns that hinder success, and how somatic coaching can guide us to safety and success. Danielle and I examine the delicate dance between the need for security and the pursuit of success, unraveling how one can achieve resilience and consistency without sacrificing their innate need for connection and belonging.

Lastly, we peer into the realm of intuitive business predictions, where prosperity and romance await. I share insights on upcoming milestones and opportunities that could very well reshape your personal and professional landscapes. We also pay homage to the late, great Bob Proctor, whose wisdom and joy continue to influence and uplift us from beyond. Join us for this soulful and strategic episode – it's an invitation to reshape your relationship with money and to step boldly into a future brimming with potential.

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