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October 17, 2023 53 mins

Just imagine for a moment: What if success was more than just your bank balance or the societal expectations you're supposed to live up to? We tackle this hefty question with leadership coach Heather Chauvin in our candid conversation about redefining success for women in business. Heather beautifully illustrates the concept that true success is a deeply personal feeling, something that needs to be defined on our own terms and not by society's checkboxes.

That's only the tip of the iceberg. Our chat delves into the crux of identity and how our busyness can shape it - often to our detriment. Together, we explore how to navigate the changing seasons of life that bring about uncomfortable feelings, and the necessity of filling up our spaces with meaningful pursuits. From releasing the shackles of labels and relationships, to intentionally seeking discomfort for growth, we lay it all bare. Plus, Heather's profound realization that one day none of it will matter will undoubtedly leave you pondering.

Finally, we venture into the realm of emotions and spiritual gifts, a journey that Heather narrates through her own powerful experiences. We discuss how embracing the darkness can uncover the messages our souls are trying to communicate, and how our deepest emotions can be our conduit to connecting with others. Heather's story serves as a powerful reminder that our darkest moments can be the most healing. Join us, as we explore this compelling conversation about finding our soul's purpose and learning to live, work, and parent on our own terms.

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