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January 23, 2024 52 mins

Have you ever met someone whose story is so powerful, it reignites your own sense of purpose? This is precisely what happened when I sat down with the remarkable Patricia Rundblade. Her transformative tale from financial uncertainty to leading women into pivotal roles in their own narratives is the cornerstone of our latest episode. We traverse her mission, discussing how an awakening among women is reshaping our societal fabric, with personal authenticity and joy at the forefront. Patricia and I reflect on the diverse paths to fulfillment, whether through fine arts, film-making, or embracing the 'great divorce'—a compelling trend towards valuing happiness over historical norms.

Navigating life's intricate maze becomes less daunting when you understand your human design, and that's where our conversation takes us next. The fusion of this intricate system into daily life, from marketing strategies to meal planning, unveils a level of self-awareness that is often left unexplored. We dissect its simplicity compared to astrology, its resonance with the chakra system, and how it offers a personalized blueprint for thriving without feeling confined by labels. This toolkit for self-discovery is not just theoretical—it's a practical compass I've integrated deeply into my life, and I'm sharing those insights with you.

As the tides of content shift, we discuss our own strategic pivot towards TikTok's vibrant landscape, where brevity reigns supreme and e-commerce blossoms. I reveal how shamanic journaling has influenced the workshops I craft, merging human design with spiritual practices to guide your journey. Ending on a heartfelt note, we connect with the essence of our loved ones passed, carrying their wisdom into our dreams and daily lives. Patricia extends an invitation to delve deeper, with a free gift waiting in the show notes. Join us as we celebrate the magic woven into the fabric of business, intuition, and the universal trust that propels us forward.

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