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August 30, 2023 42 mins

Ever wondered how the magic of writing works? Have you tried to understand the science behind creativity? Join us as we unravel these mysteries with Kim Kiel, an experienced copy coach, direct response strategist, and the brains behind the boutique copywriting agency, Kim  Kiel Copy. Kim's journey from childhood passion to a rewarding career is a story that will inspire all budding writers. She's discovered her creative flow through an unusual mix of cleaning the house, blasting music, and a great deal of scientific reading.

Are you lost when it comes to organizing your creative projects? Kim talks about her struggles with writer's block and how she found her way through it. One of her secrets is a simple Google spreadsheet that keeps her work in check. The conversation takes an interesting turn as we discuss the value of effective communication and writing across all disciplines. We promise you'll walk away with powerful insights on how to structure your creative processes for better productivity.

Kim's journey is not just about finding her creative flow; it's about setting goals and achieving them. She shares how shifting her focus from financial growth to tripling program enrollment transformed her energy and perspective. We also dive into the art of trusting your own ideas and making them a reality. And if you're seeking for some inspiration to unleash your creative potential, wait till you hear about Kim's 'copy cookbook' journal. It's about writing with punchy humor, going beyond the formula, and most importantly, it's about taking action. So tune in and let’s bring those ideas to life.

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