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September 20, 2023 48 mins

Ever found yourself stuck in the planning phase of your business journey? You're not alone. Shari Teigman, my incredibly talented friend and creative business strategist, joins me as we navigate the murky waters of entrepreneurial inertia. We dive headfirst into the challenge of transitioning from dreamland to reality and why so many of us seem to be addicted to staying in this place of pre-action.

Shari and I don't shy away from the hard stuff. We tackle the challenges of saying goodbye and wrapping up projects, the importance of being present-minded, and the necessity of preparing for the unknown. We unpack the concept of success, the role of positive urgency and curiosity in achieving it, and why it's crucial to trust ourselves and our ideas.

But it's not all serious business talk. Shari and I also explore the power of play and humor in ambition, how to recognize signs from the universe, and why Daenerys Targaryen might just be your new business role model. Join us on this insightful journey and let's start building businesses that are brimming with soul, purpose, and a dash of magic!

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