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March 18, 2024 70 mins
In our recent podcast, we explored the challenging situation encountered by LickiMat, a small, pet-friendly business, embroiled in a digital controversy. This enterprise, renowned for its pet care innovations, unexpectedly became the target of online backlash due to its collaboration with a balanced dog trainer at the prestigious Crufts event. This incident highlights the volatile nature of online communities and the swift impact of digital activism on businesses, particularly those in the pet industry. The backlash against LickiMat was sparked by their decision to include a balanced dog trainer at their Crufts stand. While this decision was intended to demonstrate their commitment to pet welfare, it inadvertently led to significant online uproar. This reaction underscores the powerful influence of digital platforms in amplifying collective actions, especially when driven by emotional responses rather than informed discussions. Furthermore, the incident with LickiMat serves as a stark reminder of the 'cancel culture' phenomenon prevalent in today's digital age. This trend, where groups swiftly mobilise to boycott or condemn businesses or individuals, can have disproportionate effects, particularly on small enterprises. In the case of LickiMat, the intense scrutiny and criticism were not only overwhelming but also diverged from the principles of constructive dialogue and mutual understanding. As businesses navigate the complex digital landscape, the LickiMat episode offers valuable lessons. It underscores the necessity for companies, especially in the pet sector, to exercise caution and strategic foresight in their digital engagements. Moreover, it highlights the importance of fostering open, respectful dialogues and prioritising empathy and transparency in all online interactions. In doing so, businesses can better manage and mitigate the risks associated with digital backlash, ensuring a more resilient and positive online presence.Support Lickimat by buying a product and letting the company know that the bullies who are holding a gun to their heads don't always get their way. Further details looking for great dog trainers and supporters of the canine paradigm? Below is a vast array of people and business’s who stand by us, donate to our running costs and do great things for the canine community. Glenn runs and has almost everything canine related at, Canine Evolution or Pet Resorts Australia Pat has a full range of coaching and dog training services at Operant Canine You can support our show and get extra content right here on our Patreon page. Everything goes into keeping the show running and we love all the wonderful people who are part of that community. If you’re not sure how, just ask us. You can get our full range of our Merch at our Teespring store here You can help us by spreading the word amongst the canine community or even suggesting a special guest to interview. If you need to find out how to listen to our podcast, go here We have a YOUTUBE channel that you can subscribe to now If you enjoyed the podcast, please review us on Itunes, spotify and any other podcast directory Details on joining the IACP can be found here. If you’re not in it you should be! Understand? Check out Dogs Playing for Life! A rescue process changing dogs lives across the USA For more details on how to help our friends at Peggy’s Promise, you can find all the details on how to do that on their website. They are our rescue charity of choice. Support our supporters Narelle Cooke’s raw feeding guide for dogs here. Narelle has her own podcast on all podcast directories called Natural Health for people and pets. Check it out in person. Looking for the best, human grade supplement range for your dogs? Check out Canine Ceuticals. Now available in the USA. SHOW SPONSOR Jason Firmin Einzweck Dog quip SHOW SPONSOR The motorcycle dog kennel by Rowdy Hound SHOW SPONS...
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