The Chatterweb: A BattleTech Podcast

The Chatterweb: A BattleTech Podcast

The Chatterweb is your last word in BattleTech: the Game of Armored Combat. Every month Arbitration Studios is bringing the best novel, book, and game reviews of the latest BattleTech products. With inside information, insights into their development, and news about coming releases, the Chatterweb is the BattleTech Podcast.


January 31, 2024 121 mins

Can you believe it? We're going to hit this month's release on target. It must be a New Year! We're kicking off 2024 with a great episode brought to you by chud rage and online antics. On January 24th Catalyst Game Labs released what is arguably the most vanilla and least offensive community standards post in the history of online community moderation. Unfortunately, some really sad, angry, and very hurt folks couldn't finish the p...

Mark as Played

New Year, same old problems (no thanks to Knightmare). First off, a very belated Merry 'MechMas from Arbitration Studios to everyone.  For this shortened end of year podcast we celebrate BattleTech news from Pax Unplugged, the release of Shrapnel Issue volume 15, and JP hurting himself while self-promoting. We also took a moment speaking with with the Valhalla Club Podcast. If you haven't heard of them, be sure to check them out!


Mark as Played
October 29, 2023 55 mins

We're coming in close to the deadline with October 2023's episode, but we've made it (no thanks to Knightmare). There's a lot to unpack in this episode, beginning with Paradox Interactive's release of Harebrained Schemes just five years after acquiring the studio. We'll dive into this stunning news and what it could mean for BattleTech. Then, we'll preview the BattleTech Universe book, the new Camospace Digital Magazine, as well as...

Mark as Played
September 10, 2023 67 mins

September might be over, but this episode is brand new. BattleTech tabletop news is a bit sparse, but won't stop JPArbiter from shamelessly self promoting his latest Shrapnel short. Join us as we take a little stroll through MechWarrior 5's Dragon's Gambit and The Clans, before we talk about some of the other games we' would'd like to see, and the difficulties translating the BattleTech universe to different electronic forms.


Mark as Played
September 5, 2023 82 mins

Arbitration returns to GenCon, our story doesn't revolve around BattleTech, but Disney.  In this episode we're giving you all of the facts we've been able to find that overwhelmed the convention. We'll regale you with tales of larceny, injuries, poor planning, scalping, and a missing palette jack. Truly, this was a GenCon unlike any other.

Then, it's on to the Chatterweb News Desk where we'll talk disrespect for the desert heat,...

Mark as Played
August 1, 2023 52 mins

We lost track of the clock, but we managed to get this episode in the bag before GenCon!

Speaking of GenCon. We're talking about all the cool BattleTech and other Catalyst Game Labs goodies you can expect to see at this year's convention; how to meet us, the Arbiters, at the Catalyst Game Labs booth. 

In this episode we have a quick and dirty review of the latest novellas from author Craig Reed and a look at some of the lates...

Mark as Played

For our June Podcast on the Chatterweb we're examining BattleTech's biggest foray into the general gaming market yet: the Target Exclusive: BattleTech Essentials Box. After that we're chatting about author Craig Reed's latest novel, Elements of Treason, and then close out the section with a look at a big boy coming to MechWarrior Online.  Our middle segment tackles a closer look at various BattleTech combat vehicles and t...

Mark as Played

The Arbiter's return a for a BattleTech Kickstarter After Action Report!  We dive into what extras got funded, and what we can expect from the who, what, when, and how for Kickstarter delivery and campaign end points. 

In our our middle segment we're discuss BattleTech's Alpha Strike Rules, and what they can bring to your BattleTech gaming experience. We'll tackle the positives and potential negatives of this increasi...

Mark as Played

Welcome to New Beginnings

We've revamped the Arbitration Studios BattleTech Podcast to better reflect our love of of the BattleTech Game and Universe. The Chatterweb hopes to continue to be the last word in BattleTech talk every month, with new content, new features, and of course, everything BattleTech.  Join us as we dive into Catalyst Game Labs's Mercenary Kickstarter launch, our experience at Adepticon 2023, and a little ch...

Mark as Played
August 18, 2022 78 mins

Gencon 2022 is here, and in Part 1 of our two-part PodCast special, it's all about the future of BattleTech!  Then we're off for MrsArbiter's review of a Question of Survival.  Next, and against our better judgment, our middle segment covers some of Blaine Pardoe's drama.  And last, we'll wrap this episode up with the Arbitration News Desk, where we'll talk about Erotic Pastries, Erotic Squirrels, and a terrible trag...

Mark as Played
July 27, 2022 61 mins

In this episode of Arbitration Studios, we're talking about the recent closure of the BattleTech fan page Everything Battletech, and what it means for the BattleTech online community. After we're diving into our review of the latest BattleTech sourcebook set in the ilClan era, Empire Alone. Then, we'll end with an update on the status of a beloved member of the BattleTech Family.

And last, we'll wrap this episode up with the Arb...

Mark as Played
May 17, 2022 58 mins

UNITY, my brothers and sisters in arms, unity. The Age of the Mercenaries is upon us all!  In this episode of Arbitration, we're talking about the MASSIVE Catalyst Game Labs' info drop about new Mercenary Lance Packs, novels, and the Mercenaries Kickstarter set to launch in Fall 2022.

At the Arbitration News Desk, we learn Maple Syrup is serious business, and that JP has trouble with the idea of a Holistic Chef.


Mark as Played
April 7, 2022 74 mins

The last word in BattleTech talk returns from its extended hiatus, and we're catching up on all the big stompy robot goodness! We're talking new Dark Age Novels, the latest Shrapnel volume, newly released Salvage Boxes and the last Spotlight On. In our middle segment, we're talking about the Tamar Rising Sourcebook and how it sets a new stage for the Inner Sphere in the ilClan Era.

In our final segment, we say goodbye to a ...

Mark as Played
December 2, 2021 81 mins

Arbitration November 2021 - Happy Jade Turkey Day!

We return to discuss the next wave of IlClan Rec Guides: with Quads, Stout Beasts, and absolutely disgusting killers of the table top. In our middle segment we discuss the events of the Warhammer 40K incident at Talavera, and it's meaning for the BattleTech player community. Finally we mourn the passing of a Battletech legend.

Be sure to check out our You Tube Channel! "https://...

Mark as Played
August 24, 2021 81 mins

Arbitration August 2021- People of the Inner Sphere, Rejoice!

Be sure to check out our You Tube Channel! ""

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May 2, 2021 73 mins

Arbitration April 2021- Trapped aboard the Evergreen.

We got delayed this year on Arbitration, almost as though we were stuck in the Suez Canal.  Speaking of which we discuss Wave 2 Kickstarter Delays, a new fiction experience, the return of April Fools Products, and a deep dive into TRO Irregulars.  We then have a conversation with Shrapnel Editor, Phillip A Lee.

Be sure to check out our You Tube Channel...

Mark as Played
May 2, 2021 94 mins

This month of Arbitration we dedicate a significant time to the release of Hour of the Wolf, and what its events will mean for the Battletech Universe.  Spoilers take place in the Middle Segment.  Any hypotheses are exclusively our own and not made with any insider information that would be subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Be sure to check out our You Tube Channel! "

Mark as Played
January 1, 2021 77 mins

This is it, the end of 2020. We made it.

Santa Urbie visits the Arbiter's with a sack full of BattleTech goodies in tow. For our final episode of the year we're talking BattleTech Rec Guides, the BattleTech Fiction Website, the Battle of Tukayyid releases, Legends, and more!

Be sure to check out our You Tube Channel! ""

PodCast from Arbitration Studios - the last wo...

Mark as Played
November 13, 2020 63 mins

After an unintended delay, we talk about Kickstarter Deliverables, and a rapid fire review of new ilClan Fiction.  This Episode is dedicated to the memory of Luela Irene Bertie (1927-2020). May her memory be a blessing. All this and more from Arbitration Studios, your last word in BattleTech.

Be sure to check out our You Tube Channel! ""

PodCast from Arbitratio...

Mark as Played

For this month's Arbitration drop we're looking at the latest ilClan Recognition Guide, Volumes 1-3, as well as our pitch for two new novels. And don't worry, we'll tackle the new BattleTech puzzles as well! Then it's a quick jump into the Thingverse Controversy, before moving into the Arbitration News Desk, where it's a return to Florida Man and larceny of the most unusual type. All this and more from Arbitration Studios, your las...

Mark as Played

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