The Conversation Jesus Wants Us to Have Podcast

The Conversation Jesus Wants Us to Have Podcast

In this podcast series, Regina V. Cates, author and founder of Romancing Your Soul, and her guests imagine Jesus sitting down with them in conversation to discuss social issues, politics, relationships, and Christianity. As part social commentary, part call to action, and complete labor of love for Jesus, these conversations challenge us to create the caring, peaceful, and respectful world he envisioned and for which he made the ultimate sacrifice.


August 31, 2021 31 mins

Guest: Reverend Britt Skarda, M.Div.

I am joined by Reverend Britt Skarda, a retired United Methodist pastor of thirty-four years who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. We discuss how Jesus would encourage conversation about the need for many Christians, and the Christian Church overall, to return to the essence of his teachings: to love God and love our neighbors. We discuss the importa...

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Guest: Reverend Kirby Ingram

Reverend Kirby and I discuss: The concept of spiritual consciousness, or knowing ourselves as spiritual beings on great human adventures, has been around for centuries. Expressing as our divine self in everyday life is the fundamental goal of all world religions. We know we are living as our conscious/awake self each time we live the Golden Rule and treat ...

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August 31, 2021 30 mins

Guest: Lauren Haze, Professional Dancer and Wellness Expert

We discuss the important ways breathing deeply adds to the quality of our life.  We talk about being mindful and connected with both the present and our bodies, to help eliminate stress and anxiety. How the simple act of calling in light energy and love frequency with our breath remind...

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The goal of all world religions is the pursuit of truly knowing who we are and our reason for being. We are physical beings capable of fantastic feats of strength and endurance. We are intellectual beings who create scientific, medical, and technological marvels. We are emotional beings with an extraordinary capacity for sensitivity. We experience ourselves and our surroundings through the senses of sight, h...

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Guest: Johanna Bruner, Nurse Practitioner

We discuss that different types of viruses are found in different parts of the world and they don’t spread without us. Such as the case with the deadly Ebola Virus Disease found in Africa that can spread throughout the world from one person. We discuss the science behind the development of vaccinations and the desire of scientists to prevent t...

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September 15, 2021 34 mins

Guest: Steve Hasenberg, spiritual psychotherapist

Empathy is our Jesus-like superhero power because when we are empathetic we know what it feels like to be afraid, or to have joy, or to grieve. But empathy is not the same as sympathy. Sympathy is easy to express because it is a concern for others that is more from the head, while empathy is a heart-connection to what other people go t...

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Guest:  Janice

Janice and I discuss:  how childhood abuse shapes our feelings of unworthiness; the importance of being honest with ourselves about our behavior; the role faith has in taking our power back from abuse and addiction; how, by being the observer of our thoughts, we can stop being mean to ours...

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September 29, 2021 29 mins

Guest: Catherine

Catherine and I discuss her brother, Owen’s, suicide. She candidly speaks about the impact that had on her, the reasons behind why she believes Owen took his own life, and how she has kept his memory alive. We have a joy and love-filled conversation about a timely and important topic.

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I’ve been making lasagna for many years. I should be really good at it by now, because with practice we do get good at whatever we invest our time and energy in. But just because we get really good at something doesn’t mean we’ve perfected it. No matter how skilled we are at whatever we’re skilled at, we can always find ways to improve. And that is why it’s healthy to focus on becoming proficient (getting it...

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Guests: Edie and Bill

In this episode, Edie and Bill, parents of two sons, join me to discuss: the idea that to love one another, it is important to let go of the expectations we have for how others should be; the most important aspect of who we are and who our children are - our character. In other words, how we live the Golden Rule in daily life; the responsibility parents have to t...

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Guest: Dr. Gail Simon-Boyd, Psychologist

Dr. Boyd and I discuss: why one of the strongest things we can do for ourselves is to ask for help healing emotional trauma; how sharing with someone, whether a professional, friend, or spiritual guide, is a positive way to release wounding; the importance of realizing that healing is a journey of self-love and respect; and why healing involves...

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Does admitting I have not only seen a UFO but also have been visited by little grey and majestic white (alien) forms of life make me crazy, weird, or just plain delusional? Or does it simply mean I have had experiences that are not the same as other peoples? I ask us to consider that we don’t and can’t all have the same experiences in life. Which means we can be open and understanding of what other people go...

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November 3, 2021 30 mins

Guest: Dr. Paula Stone Williams

Dr. Williams, and I discuss: the importance of sharing our stories with the goal to find common ground.  For the first 60 years of her life, Williams identified as male; after bravely coming out as transgender she was swiftly fired from a position as an evangelical Christian leader; the male privilege she once had...

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Guest: Reverend Britt Skarda

Reverend Skarda and I discuss: ancient and deeply rooted attitudes of God being male helped create and continue to perpetuate damaging male/female dynamics; centuries after Jesus’ death, these dangerous and misguided dynamics are profoundly ingrained within both genders; why many people who say they love and follow an inclusive Jesus believe patriarchal do...

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Guest: Tina Rubin

We discuss: how, as young girls and women, we were programmed to fit into the box established by a society that viewed men and boys differently than women and girls; the opportunity men and boys have to elevate women’s access to equal standing in the workplace, in religious institutions, in government, and society in general; ...

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Guest: Christopher Pelch

We discuss: the importance of men and boys being willing to make adjustments to their personal mindsets and perceptions about women and girls; the idea that what we learn from the entertainment industry and society about gender dynamics is not how life plays out, if we desire to create healthy, equality-focused relationships; the difference between wanting to ...

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Guest: Rose

In this episode, Rose, who had an abortion sixty years ago, joins me to discuss a woman’s right to choose. She found herself pregnant after allowing her boyfriend to pressure her into having unprotected sex. She was twenty and unmarried. At the time, abortion was illegal in the United States. She had to go to Mexico and endure a barbaric and painful procedure. For the firs...

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Guests: Revs. Roger Paynter and Tim Moody

We discuss: what Christ, overall, would think of Christianity; why Christianity must be focused on love; why Christians must lead the way to help the marginalized, the forgotten, the abused of society; and why Christianity and Christians must be universally focused on how to love ourselves, others, and all life, as Christ loved.

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Guest: Reverend Tim Moody

We discuss: whether the small world of our beliefs reflects the vast world God created by: returning to a time over 2,000 years ago when Christianity began; examining the origins of the Bible and Christianity; recognizing that Jesus questioned and challenged those in authority who were abusive and controlling; investigating why we’re subjected to fear-based i...

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I’m gay. So was Leonardo da Vinci, whose masterpieces Mona Lisa and The Last Supper are revered around the world as representations of our best artistic expression. Michelangelo was also gay. His fresco on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and sculptures of the David and Pieta are also considered among humankind’s best works of art. These two men made huge contributions to the world. They did so in tribute t...

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