The Demand Gen Fix

The Demand Gen Fix

B2B buyer behavior is changing and traditional lead generation tactics just don’t work the way they used to. Enter demand generation - a strategy that caters to the way buyers actually want to buy. Join us for interesting conversation around how to create a catalyst for growth by building your company’s demand generation engine. This podcast is for HR technology marketers and leaders – as well as any other B2B marketer that is ready to break through the clutter of a crowded market and crush those revenue targets.


April 11, 2024 25 mins

With just 5% or less of B2B buyers in the market to buy at any given time, marketers need to get creative to drive leads and meet revenue goals.  

Your middle- and bottom-of-funnel prospects are the most likely audiences to have buying intent. Check out this episode for ideas on how to zero in on these prospects with informative content, nurture campaigns, targeted digital ads and more. 

Hear why marketers need a ...

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The GrowthMode team is hearing from many marketing leaders who say they’re struggling to figure out why their programs aren’t driving better results. The reasons can sometimes be more obvious to us because we have the luxury of looking at it from an outside-in perspective. While your internal team is naturally heads-down working hard to produce work that meets a multitude of needs. 

Listen to this episode to gain great ins...

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For more than a year, there have been less prospects in the market to buy HR tech solutions. It’s estimated that only 1% of prospects are actively buying these days compared to the more typical 5%. And this trend isn’t showing signs of a rebound just yet. 

Maybe you’re asking yourself whether to slash your marketing budget. It’s a question we’ve been asked recently, and we think it’s something on a lot of leaders’ and mark...

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In part 2 of our conversation with Matt Torman, content marketing pro at work tech company, Brex, we continue exploring why moving away from marketing that attempts to be “everything to everyone” helps you breakthrough and standout in a crowded HR tech market.  

Listen now to learn why taking calculated, creative risks with a blend of innovative ideas and data-driven decision making is crucial in a content-saturated landsc...

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In the very crowded HR and work tech space, too many marketers play it safe with their marketing campaigns. It creates a “sea of sameness” where businesses get lost in a multitude of messages across many different brands that blend and sound the same.

Listen in to explore this topic with our guest and content marketing pro, Matt Torman. He’s the content marketing principal at Brex, an AI-powered spending platform that help...

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A lot of really good HR tech companies get lost in a crowded market. That’s because you’re vying for attention with more than 21,000 HR tech businesses selling technology platforms—with new start-ups joining the industry all the time. 

Listen to this episode to find out what three challenges consistently impede marketing outcomes and results for HR tech companies. Learn why positioning your business and solutions is at the...

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The HR tech market is extremely crowded – and many brands get lost in the sea of sameness. Defining your differentiation is a critical step to breaking through the clutter. But how do you go about it?

This is often the job of product marketing. Listen to this episode to hear from guest Noelle Bloomfield, senior director of product marketing at HR tech company, Gloat. We talk about the important role of product marketing in...

Mark as Played

Traditional sales processes that work a cold lead through a buyer journey defined by a HR tech businesses is fading fast. Prospects want to self-educate and be in control of their buying process and timeline. However, that doesn’t diminish the importance of the sales role and closing deals. But how and when you engage with buyers is a whole new ballgame.

Collaboration and regular communication with sales on how demand gene...

Mark as Played
February 12, 2024 17 mins

Are you seeing the performance of your lead generation marketing efforts dip? As prospect buying behaviors evolve, many tried and true marketing methods aren’t driving the results they once did. We’re hearing it from fellow marketing colleagues and we’re experiencing it ourselves. 

In this episode, we talk through why gated content and more aggressive lead generation strategies aren’t as effective for prospects who want mo...

Mark as Played

Building brand awareness in the market can take many forms – and it doesn’t always have to come with a big price tag. As an employee, you can help amplify your company’s brand to drive bigger brand awareness in the market.

One way to become a brand ambassador for your company is to use your personal brand on LinkedIn to bolster your company's profile. It’s a way to consistently stay in front of potential prospects an...

Mark as Played

You know that buying behaviors are changing, but are you aligning your sales and marketing strategies to meet prospects with the targeted content they want for a self-service experience? If not, remember that your competition is. And they’re just a click away.

Listen to this episode to learn about both practical and revelatory ways to build a demand generation engine. Like this one: Narrowing your audience and targeting yo...

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Just a small portion of your target audience is ever in-market to buy at any given time. Investing in lead generation programs that focus only on this sliver of the market (about 5%) puts you behind in a fiercely competitive situation where companies are busy building awareness about their capabilities and solutions. 

In this episode, we help you rethink the panic cycles of lead generation with strategies that take you fro...

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Engineers analyze and solve problems using systematic, iterative processes. It’s an approach that avoids making costly assumptions. While many B2B marketers measure data to prove marketing program ROI, often the data doesn’t tell the whole story and can actually hinder the drive for results.

Listen to this episode to hear guest Omer Maman, Vice President of Marketing at HR tech company, Healthee, and the GrowthMode team t...

Mark as Played
December 12, 2023 20 mins

A brand that lacks consistency and clear positioning leads to a confused audience. And that makes it difficult for you to build awareness, trust and market demand with the HR tech buyer audience. 

Chris Outlaw, host of the Unified Brand Podcast, is our guest on this episode. He shares examples of “confused brands” and the impact it can have on audience perception. 

Listen now to learn how to build an authentic, successful brand and w...

Mark as Played

Growth can be a hard-fought journey – especially in this economy. And sometimes it is hard to know where to even begin with amping up efforts to improve revenue results. 

In this episode, we are joined by fellow demand generation expert, Mary Keough, to talk about an initial step you can take to get on your way to the path that moves the needle and delivers bigger results through marketing to support your company’s growth ...

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The biggest threat to your growth and revenue goals is letting random acts of marketing dominate how your company goes to market. It’s the result of letting the loudest or most powerful voices win over a well-conceived plan that connects activities and executes a strategy backed by customer analysis and tested marketing methods. 

It's truly a trap you need to figure out how to get out of, which means addressing it wit...

Mark as Played

Do random acts of marketing have you bouncing off the walls? I think we’ve all been there. Chasing the next big thing that’s sure to be a game changer. But the reality is that approach sucks you into a cycle that leaves you with lackluster, disconnected marketing. It doesn’t help you build your brand, give you message consistency or clarity, nor does it create a program designed for long-term success. 

It’s also an expensi...

Mark as Played

Demand generation marketing (engaging prospects) and account-based marketing (nurturing target accounts on a 1:1 level) are an incredibly powerful combination. Yet these approaches are rarely considered as strategies that work hand in hand. 

Join us as we explore this topic with our guest, Kristina Jaramillo, president of Personal ABM, to dig in on how to move high potential prospects through the buyer journey after they raise their...

Mark as Played
October 19, 2023 27 mins

It’s fall trade show season—and a great time to evaluate your investment and performance in this marketing channel. What are the pros and cons of exhibiting at HR tech industry shows? How do you choose events that align to your target audience? How do you stand out from competitors? 

Listen to this episode to hear the GrowthMode team talk through important considerations including your strategy, how to magnify your presence and eval...

Mark as Played

Using third party channels to reach your ideal customers where they already hang out is a no brainer, right? Yes! But, like anything in your demand generation long game, building brand awareness and credibility with 3rd-party audiences won’t happen overnight. 

In this episode, Zach Jones, chief revenue officer at TechnologyAdvice joins us to share his insights into the importance of incorporating 3rd-party channels into yo...

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