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May 17, 2024 18 mins
As the media scrum has gone quiet and the news cycle has moved on from the Homeland Security raids into Diddy’s homes, I am sure many media operations, and gossip hounds are really curious about what is next in this story? What is going to be the next puzzle piece in all of this?  I propose a quick game of looking into the uknown future for just a second, and to advocate an exercise in caution on a number of fronts before we ALL assume Diddy’s guilt or innocence.  Not many people truly understand the inside baseball of federal prosecutions, and federal investigations and WHY would you as a great majority of us have never found ourslves inside this world at all. One thing that I want on the record now is — the media, the Hip-Hop instagram meme machine have all indicted Diddy, and in the era of cancelling careers, legacies, and human beings what should be a cautionary tale is that right now Diddy has not been charged with crimes by any state or federal jurisdiction, and I outside of some vague social media posts, Diddy has been quiet and he is getting great legal advice because right NOW is not the time to talk. AND, to define HOW fast things move as I was writing and recording this episode CNN had breaking news and has acquired a piece of surveillance video of Sean Combs, dragging, kicking, punching, and yelling at Cassie Ventura in the hallway of a hotel, to say the least the video is immensely disturbing…. But cue again social media and the vultures who I imagine will make many memes of Diddy who in the surveillance video is running in the hallway half naked with a white towel, the memes will yet again deflect from the more serious issues at hand, but In America SALACIOUS SELLS, SALACIOUS without thought WINS! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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