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June 14, 2024 42 mins
Join hosts Nicole Luciano and Johnny ‘The Greek’ Anagnopoulos, two of the producers of The Dossier, as they break down all things crime and hip-hop, gleaned from their years of investigative work on the topic. From the Biggie and Tupac murders, to the twenty plus killings that are tangentially related to Death Row Records, Suge Knight, the Bloods, the East vs. West rivalry, the gangster cops inside the LAPD and much more. This week, Niki and Johnny begin the conversation with the latest in current events, specifically a strange YouTube video from everyone's least favorite former head of Death Row security. They also look into one of the infamous murders from the Death Row days - the torture and murder of Piru Blood Vence 'V' Buchanan at a Compton graveyard. Was this all because of a beef that began inside Death Row Records between Suge Knight and the main suspect, George Williams? Included in the conversation is break down of some FBI documents on the case, specifically a long rumored video tape of Buchanan's murder. **If you you’re a fan of The Dossier, please visit our Patreon page for free and paid content featuring exclusive documents, unedited interviews, monthly online meetups with other Dossier fans and the Dossier team. Go to to subscribe! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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