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May 6, 2024 24 mins
In this final episode of this audio series, I needed to come full circle with an idea that I started twenty years ago as a young man, my instincts to uncover a battleground between Hip-Hop music and law enforcement was way ahead of the curve, and at that time with the completion of my documentary film Rap Sheet, I thought I had some answers, and clarity on what I set out to accomplish.   In hindsight, when I look at the landscape between our criminal justice system today, and the many cases of murder, or crime tied to the music of Hip-Hop, I wonder if in those twenty years if nothing has changed, maybe it has gotten worse. There is something bittersweet about that analysis because that would mean within our society, the leaders we have, the intellectuals, and more importantly law enforcement just can’t seem to evolve in anyway.  2020 brought what many thought was a monumental cultural shift, or awakening for us, but three years removed the prison industrial complex, the corrupt prosecutors, and the so-called system just seems to labor on, with no concrete and lasting change, I could make a case it is getting worse.  If you you're a fan of The Dossier, please visit our Patreon page for free and paid content featuring exclusive documents, unedited interviews, monthly online meet-ups with other Dossier fans and the show creator, Don Sikorski. Goto Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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