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The Dream World Podcast is about using sleep & dreams to better your mental, physical and spiritual health. We cover a variety of tips and topics on how to take care of the mind and body both in waking life and in the dream world. Our topics cover everything from scientific and spiritual explanations behind sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, false awakenings, meditation, UFOs, astral-projection, existentialism, psychology, physics, theories & more. We explore the universe & ALL its mysteries🧠🪐 The Dream World Podcast is an interactive podcast where we talk to different oneironauts (dream travelers) and learn about their experiences with lucid dreaming and similar out-of-body-experiences. ⛈💡How can we learn from our dreams to better our waking life? Learn to live & sleep lucidly and get the most out of your sleep & dreams. We as humans spend an entire THIRD of our lives asleep, where we sleepwalk through our dreams just as mindlessly as we might walk through life. In our dreams, we visit another dimension called The Dream World 👩🏽🚀 Dreams are a gift that have a lot to teach us. “Lucid dreaming has considerable potential for promoting personal growth and self-development, enhancing self-confidence, improving mental and physical health, facilitating creative problem solving and helping you to progress on the path to self-mastery”.-Stephen Laberge. ⚡️💡 We often hear stories of people who’ve learned from their dreams or been inspired by them, such as Paul McCartney’s hit song “Yesterday” coming to him in a dream or of Mendeleev’s dream-inspired construction of the periodic table of elements, suggesting that dreams are more than just a byproduct of sleep. 🎙The Dream World podcast was selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 15 Lucid Dream Podcasts on the web. Donate & Support the show


March 19, 2023 59 min

Every single night we all dream. It's just a matter of being able to remember it. Want to build your dream recall? Join us for the LARGEST dream online experiment.

A high school psychology class started Night Owl's interest in dreaming. After discovering dream journaling, he experienced his first lucid dream and first sleep paralysis phenomenon. From there, everything changed. He never wanted to feel helpless in...

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Today's guest is a legendary expert, author and researcher in the lucid dreaming field. Robert Waggoner, author of two very popular lucid dreaming books, and the former president of the International Association for the Study of Lucid Dreams. A lucid dreamer since 1975, over the past forty years he has logged more than a thousand lucid dreams and got to watch the rise of scientific interest in lucid dreaming. Today I have the ...

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February 16, 2023 68 min

Today my amazing guests are Carla & Yasmeen, who have both stepped up to spread awareness within the online spiritual community.

With the ability to connect with thousands and even millions of people instantly, social media has revolutionized how we communicate. Apps like Tik Tok shorten attention spans to make us consume quick and easily digestible content. It is designed so that people want to stay in the app longer...

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February 4, 2023 28 min

In this episode, I am chatting with Jean-Baptiste, the founder of Oniri, a popular dream journaling and lucid dreaming mobile app.  We talk about the current scientific research being done, as well as all the awesome things science cannot yet explain when it comes to dreaming. If you are looking to start your own dreamwork practice, it is important to realize that this is not about quick instant results. Its a life long journey tha...

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This episode's guest is Andrea Martin, who talks about how her spiritual journey began with a series of dreams, which then led her to accomplish her repatriation to Africa. She also helps create spiritual communities to help people feel less alone and less crazy during their journies. 

Andrea's Youtube Channel: @AnjaAfreeca2020
Instagram Andrea Martin @soulspringsbyamyhoo

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Today's guest is Stefan Zugor, the founder of and an internationally recognized lucid dreaming author, coach, educator, and researcher.  Stefan is a long-term lucid dreamer who loves sharing his experiences. He has a background in psychology, biohacking, and sleep science. His Youtube channel now has over 11M views and inspires millions of people to learn how to lucid dream. 

In this episode, Stefan and...

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Today's guest is Nate Turner, who is an advocate for lucid dreams on his Youtube & Tik Tok.  We talk about our experiences, and how Nate learned to lucid dream from scratch, without ever having experienced one. 

Resources mentioned in the episode:
The Ultimate List of Things to do While Lucid Dreaming

Double wood supplements for lucid dream enhancement. Discount code Dream10

My favorite drea...

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Lincoln Stoller wrote the book Becoming Lucid, Self-awareness in Sleep and Waking life. This book is your introduction to connecting with your subconscious through dreams and self-hypnosis. You can read an ePub version of his book & audio meditations for FREE by signing up to his  email list here. 

In this episode, we talk about how lucid dreaming is about understanding the continuous flow of conscious awareness that ...

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August 16, 2022 31 min

This episode is a crossover with The Dream Stream Podcast, another podcast dedicated to sharing dream stories! Houston is dedicated to the exploration of Dreams and we share awesome stories with about shared dreams, premonitions, lucid dreaming &more!

Would you like to have your dream featured on The Dream Stream show? Email

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Paul Sheldon has dedicated himself to working with people to understand the wisdom in their dreams. He has started a program within prisons in America, to help inmates find freedom at night and use their dreams to overcome their challenges and better their mental health. He also started a dream challenge community called Dreamosophy.

Deamosophy teaches you to explore and utilize your dreams deliberately, to gain the edge ...

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August 2, 2022 43 min

 Have you ever wondered what happens to our consciousness after we die? How many lives do we get to live, what dictates this process, and how much do we really know about it? Dreams are a great way to tap into your past lives and learn more about how far your soul has come. Reincarnation is a key belief in Hinduism, Buddhism, and many other belief systems around the world.

In this episode, we talk about past life regressio...

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We are explorers of our own consciousness & we are more than our physical bodies. Every Tuesday on Clubhouse, I host a room in the Lucid Dreamers Club about dreams, consciousness, and beyond! Join for free here.

I actually met this episode's amazing guest speaker, Jaime, on Clubhouse, within the halls of an amazing community of dreamers, healers, and conscious explorers.  Jaime Lunquist-Munoz is an expert in luci...

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 Oneirology is the scientific study of dreams. Oneironautics refers to the ability to travel within a dream on a conscious basis. Such a traveler in a dream may be called an oneironaut.

In this episode, two dream-loving podcasters talk about lucid dreams, sleep paralysis & everything in between.  Amaro D Rossa is the host of the Circadian Dream Podcast and we are having a casual conversation about our dream experiences...

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In this episode, Jared & I talk about how to analyze your dreams on a deeper level, instead of trying to look up the meaning of common dream symbols. Dreams are not logical or literal, so it is important to step away from the over-rational way of looking at things. Through this journey, we learn to be compassionate with ourselves and others. Jared is a Jungian Depth Coach who I met on Tik Tok and we have similar goals of spread...

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Ben Gabelman is a motion designer currently living and working in Atlanta. Ben has a long history of using his dreams for creative inspiration in his projects. In this episode, we talk about our dream journals and how it has played a role in our lives and journey as motion designers.

Ben's short senior film ANIMA, details a shamanic journey through the dream state. The film is a mediation on the relationships between...

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In this episode, I talk to Lana Sakwild, an expert lucid dreaming coach, about how to incorporate lucid dreaming into your daily routine, and how to use your lucid space for personal development. We talk about how our dreams, both lucid & non-lucid, have given us ideas and information that have completely changed our path in life.  If you’re an artist, get lucid in your dreams and try to work on some creative blockages; paint w...

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Intrinsic Motivation & Becoming the Captain of Your Own Life

 The Dream World Podcast Book Club:  “New You! Who Knew?” David Edwards
Available on Amazon and   

David was CEO of a Community Health Center creating the leading integrated, person-focused, primary care center in the country.  He realized that many people are missing core skills that if they had would make their lives so much better...

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teZa Lord is a spiritual activist, author, artist and lightworker. She also hosts the Z Lord Podcast which has some great insightful conversations about spirituality and navigating life challenges towards your highest self. teZa has had an inspiring spiritual journey and she is sharing her stories with the world and helping raise the consciousness of humanity. She is also getting ready to publish her first novel!


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Holly Emmerson, from @DreamOracleHolly talks about how to understand your dreams by looking within and tapping into your highest self. It is better to analyze your emotions, patterns, and overall vibration of a dream before analyzing objects and characters. Because the dream world consists of the collective conscious, messages from dreams can be messages for the individual, for others, or for the collective. When you learn to under...

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The Dream World Podcast

For more information about Dr. Aspy you can find his site & lucid dreaming video course here 

Dr. Denholm Aspy has conducted both of the largest and most in depth lucid dreaming studies in the world that have looked at actual induction methods. He is also interested in the research of meditation, psychedelic therapy, and mental health. Although everyone has different brains, and we all have our ...

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