The Eloquent in the Room

The Eloquent in the Room

Self-Styled Orgasm Whisperer & Female Empowerment Advocate, Rose Cooper explores the complexities of LOVE, SEXUALITY & MENTAL HEALTH, with geeky references, hard-won wisdom & actual research! Kick off your shoes & slide into some fluffy-but-damp socks. It's time to get a bit uncomfortable!


October 15, 2022 90 mins


Continuing on from my interview with popular male feminist ally, 'The Alchemystic' on TikTok, I'm speaking to my sister from another mister: “Randi” - aka “FeelingRandi78”. Randi has gained a reputation as one gloriously sassy dame. She’s funny, smart, informative and hella sexy. Women love her and men feel super threatened by her. Go Figure.

It's a jungle out there, with all these MISOGYNIST podcasting, dating c...

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So, this part of the interview is where Ryan's redemption arc becomes clear. He reveals just how much he truly believed in the religious ideology that perceived women as the 'other'; not quite people, but as mere objects to be used and controlled.

THANK GOD HE SNAPPED OUT OF IT or women wouldn't have such a fabulous feminist ally in our corner. There are so many quotable quotes in this half of the episode, I was wanting to put all...

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It's been a while between episodes! There are a few reasons for this, one being, I have had my back wheels bogged in the TIKTOK swamp. So - I figured why not lean in to that 'problem' by grabbing a popular Tiktokkers and interviewing them on my podcast? And, guess what - my first victim is a MAN! And he's a FEMINIST! (femanist?)

Ryan goes by the handle "The Alchemystic" - he's a smoot...

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Debbie Ballangarry is a proud Indigenous Australian woman, whom is currently studying LINGUISTICS. We bumped into each other across a crowded TikTok recently (where she posts loads of educational information and supports Indigenous Artists, performers, activists and Creators). You could say we hit it off.

You can hear her smiling when she speaks. Our chat covers a lot including the bad old days of segregation and The Whit...

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November 20, 2021 7 mins


No new podcast this week, but PLEASE have a listen to this quick little bite-sized preview, I have a few little tidbits of EXCITING NEWS to share. NO SPOILERS. However, there are, as always - LINKS:

Sex Toys for the Holidays? (use the code word 'eloquent' for a discount!)

WATCH my previous interviewee, Phoebe ("I grew up in a Cult") Dorin interview me. It was recorded back in June of last year but was just released ...

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Meet Mia Shachter - AKA "THE CONSENT WIZARD"  They are, among other things, a consent and boundaries coach. Visit the SHARE THE LOAD website for more information as well as a fabulous list of courses you can partake in to help you navigate your personal boundaries and expand your ideas around consent. 

I particularly wanted to talk boundaries in this ep. As someone living with childhood trauma anxiety and...

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September 26, 2021 84 mins

The Madonna/Whore Diaries - a series of interviews.

We pick up where we left off, tallking about how women's body image changes as we get older and delve into the deeper truths about our search for sexual adventure. Obviously the topic of how much porn has influenced the way younger men behave in bead, rears it's ugly head. One thing's for sure, the older you get, the more valuable it is to retain a sense of humour! There were so m...

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Why does heteronormativity dictate that the male partner should be the older person? Why does society barely even notice when Hollywood leading men, play opposite women 20 years their junior?

Why do we call the younger male partners of older female celebs, "Toy Boys".

And what about same sex relationships? 

When it comes to casual liaisons between intelligent, consenting adults - how ...

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September 4, 2021 53 mins

The Madonna Whore Diaries Continues...

Phoebe Dorin and I pick up where we left off last time...where was that? Oh yeah, we were just about to talk about ...breast orgasms.

There's much discussion about the objectification and 'ownership' aspect of breasts. Cos let's face it, they do get co-opted A LOT! The thing that seems to cause all the trouble and confusion regarding sexual enjoyment during pregnancy and after, has literally ...

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This week we welcome back Phoebe ("I was raised in a cult") Dorin for a very different chat. We have a deep and intimate and very candid discussion about how pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding affected/enhanced our sexuality and sense of ourselves. Because of how society views mothers as either sex objects (MILFS), or angels walking the earth (nuturing and pure) - it's a fine line...

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This episode picks up the conversation exactly where it left off - the topic was faking orgasm - which is obviously a whole other thing when you're talking about sex work! We then continue exploring how Meagan's sexuality evolved during the course of her career as a sex worker and how it has influenced her present and future plans. I also finish this episode pondering the topic of vulnerability and ...

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August 14, 2021 56 mins


This series will feature three conversations with three diverse women - a sex worker, an expectant/nursing mum and a self-confessed 'cougar'. This interesting bunch struck me as the perfect cross section of stereotype templates reqiured to have a really good rummage around the length and depth of the annoyingly enduring Madonna Whore Complex! How does it play out in society - still; and does t...

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As promised, here I am with fabulous psychotherapist, sex therapist, lecturer and author, Dr Laurie Mintz about how she came to write the book "Becoming Cliterate" in 2017 and the powerful impact it has had on people's lives. We trade questions and stories and get down to some very nitty gritty aspects of female sexuality. It's a very fun and quite revealing chat! Check out the links mentioned: 

Dr Laurie Mintz 


The C...

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Interview with Phoebe Dorin PART 2!

As promised here's part two of this fabulously intimate discussion about religion, spirituality, sexuality, gender roles, sexual objectification....oh and yes, and how it dawned on Phoebe a couple of years ago, that she was raised in  RELIGIOUS CULT.  

It's hard to sum our interview up in a few words, but let's just say we GO THERE (and there and there and over there). Make sure you check out her...

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Phoebe Dorin is a relationship and sexuality coach; a podcaster, and a couple of years ago, she fully realised that the strict religious family she grew up with was actually part of a CULT - which goes by several different names (which members are meant to keep a secret).

We swapped notes about how our vastly different childhoods shaped us – but it's fascinating how our similarly curious natures, lead us both away from becoming ter...

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Welcome Back to the Vent Tent. 

We vent, we rant, we groan and moan. And have a few laughs as well. In Part 2 we get to the meat and two veg of it all. Ginny shares some godawful encounters she's experienced on Instagram, being harrassed, and how it has affected her sense of personal freedom and autonomy on her Instagram page @mydisabledsexlife. We also touch on her history with her disabilities, and the medical gaslighting she's ...

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Meet "Ginny" from @mydisabledsexlife on Instagram. She's a 25 year old, bi-queer, disabled ball of love, wisdom and humour from the UK. She has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Osteo-arthritis, Depression, Anxiety and is Chronically CUTE. I met her on Instagram shortly after she launched her page and I've watched her blossom over the past year. We've been wanting to chat for AGES and finally got together earlier this week when she was...

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May 10, 2021 56 mins

It's a Story from the Vault! #6

In 2012, I wrote an article about the tragic farce that is Reality TV. Little did I know just how much worse things would get. The most recent season of Married At First Sight was, by anyone's estimation, an abomination of gross negligence towards the people to whom they had promised a happily ever after. Where was the duty of care? Reality TV is toxic. I don't go into the sordid details about the ac...

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Adulting Consent...Part 7

Did you hear the one about the Australian Government's Consent Education Program? If only it was funny. Coincidentally this week I have a deep and far reaching conversation with Cheryl M Bradshaw - a Canadian author and psychotherapist who has written critically acclaimed books such as "Real Talk About Sex and Consent."

Distributing her book and screening her Youtube Seminars in schools could have saved t...

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Eighteen months after experiencing sexual assault, Gemma Lucy Smart (University Lecturer) made the courageous decision to report it to police. The Police and the Department of Public Prosecutions then went to great lengths to question her repeatedly to ensure she was 100% convincned she wanted to 'put herself through the process'.

*Not because they didn't believe her.

*Not because she wasn't an ext...

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