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September 14, 2023 35 mins

Have you ever noticed how unlikely a Football season ends up, compared to its pre-season projection? Is there a master plan for sports? It sure looks like it might be.

If you don't want to watch football, then what do you watch? The answer is Star Wars. But you probably aren't watching Star Wars like you should be.....

Whether you're watching Star Wars or Football, you need amazing food. And you CAN...

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What? We're talking about COVID-19 again? Well, when the government starts talking about mask mandates, a new jab, lockdowns, and alllllll of the same unconstitutional bullshit from 2020, I guess we need to talk about it.

But WHY do we NEED to talk about it? Because WE THE PEOPLE must stand up. WE THE PEOPLE must reject and resist the unconstitutional and immoral government overreach into our lives and livelihoods.

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Cognitive dissonance. WTF is that? It's the inability to accept new information, regardless of its supporting evidence, simply because it differs from your current dogma.

Let's apply that to "gun control". How can we stop drunk driving deaths? Well, clearly, we can ban all sober people from driving cars. That way, no sober people can be killed by drunk drivers. That's EXACTLY how "gun control&...

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Guns are "scary", right?  Our children are in danger of being killed by guns in droves.......right? Welllllll, that's not what data tells us. In fact, one of the most dangerous places a child can be, is in the womb.

What the fuck?!

Let's talk about that......

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Gender. What the fuck is it? Biological fact? Something you can "choose"? Does your "gender" differ from your "sex"?  How does it affect your reality? Is it a mental health issue? How does it impact our society? We're trying to figure this shit out, together -- with you!

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We're trying to make logical sense of what the fuck our world is turning in to. They scream gun control , to "save" our children, but not when it pertains to saving the life of an unborn child. They say gun control to stop violent crime, but the cities that have the most strict gun laws have the highest violent crime rates.

They say hate "this" person or "that" person based on their race ...

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Everyone has the right to their opinion, and they're all equal....right? What if someone's opinion allows them to harm another person? Should such an opinion be tolerated? You probably IMMEDIATELY thought, "hell no!". What if I told you that we have been and are being conditioned to tolerate such opinions in society.

But how? Why? To what end? That -- and more -- what we discuss in this episode

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Multiple dimensions of existence, King Solomon's magic, Divine Feminine, the Law of Attraction and ooooohhh so many more topics were purposefully left out of what we now call the Christian Bible. But why?

The study of such extra-canonical works is called Gnosticism. The Gnostics and the excluded "false" teachings they studied were deemed heretics by the early Christian church. But why? What harm can asking a...

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Equality. Equity. What do these words mean in a social context? That's a question we need to be able to answer considering how hotly they're being thrown around our society, don't ya think? Are we massively oversimplifying the conversation? Is it really a "black and white" issue or is it full of many subtle shades of gray? These are the questions we begin discussing in this episode.

What do you thi...

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Everyone has triggers. Everyone has a definitive personality type. Almost no one seems to be able to resolve conflicts in a healthy way. In this episode we work through an actual real life conflict in almost real time.

It's amazing how interconnected your personality type and emotional triggers are when it comes to the way you approach and, hopefully, resolve conflict....which is a lost art (or is it a skill?) in toda...

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Have you ever noticed how many double standards abound in our society? In this episode we discuss how (or is it why?) they exist, how they endure, and even dissect a few including abortion, discrimination, and gender identification, and medical mandates.

We also discuss a surprisingly little-known fact about the brain that may actually account (or at least play a role) in such a cultural phenomenon. So pack. your bags and ...

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On this episode we're joined by California-based psychotherapist, author, and top iTunes podcaster, Michaela Renee Johnson......and holy shit do we have a conversation. Join us as we discuss the psychological effects of COVID19, vaccines, censorship, conspiracy theories, cancel culture, ancient aliens, organized religion, and the notion of God.

It's a lengthier episode than we normally roll, but that's becau...

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How do you stay informed without falling prey to fear, panic, depression, and anxiety......especially when it seems as if the world is teetering on the edge of oblivion? Where is the balance? What are the facts? Who can we trust? These are the questions we discuss on this episode.

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Have you ever had a conversation with a "homeless person"? Yeah, me neither....until now. Eye-opening is an understatement. If you don't have a reality check, a few laughs, and probably tear up a time or two from this episode, then you probably don't have a soul to begin with.

Check out this episode with Eric Hunt from the Eric & Gord: What If We're Right podcast as he goes describes how h...
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Equality in culture and practice, the 2nd Amendment, "mass" shootings, vaccine passport restrictions, and transgender sports are just a few of the topics we discuss in this episode. But ya know what? We don't talk about these polarizing topics from the perspective of being "right". We want to hear what YOU think. We welcome continued conversation whether you share the same opinions or not.

So ...
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What if there was a certain music that you could listen to that had scientifically proven health benefits that include: reduced stress and anxiety, increased immune system function, nervous system health, and hormone balancing.

Sounds too good to be true doesn't it?

Well study after study after study shows that such a music actually exists. And it's not a style of music, but rather a frequency of music. ...

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Do you watch the new show that stars Queen Latifah,  called "The Equalizer"? It's a TV series take on the Denzel Washington movies, that are a take on a book series by Michael Sloan.

In this episode we break down a first impression of the show, as a whole, but also get into the social innuendo of the show. In Episode 4 of the the first season of The Equalizer, Queen Latifah accosts a man in the shower of a men's ...

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We stand at the edge of a precipice. Hate has NOT been eradicated in our society, it has been embraced, encouraged, and rebranded. If you have an opinion that differs from the iron triangle that is made up of politicians, media, and big business, you are at risk of being cursed, discriminated, denied civil rights, refused healthcare, lose your job, and all around be "canceled".

Not only is this being seen as soci...

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The news media gets a lot of attention for being biased and slanted, but what about movies and TV shows? Wouldn't it be easier to program your thinking and or influence your thought process through characters that you're invested in? Does it catch your attention when TV shows or movies reinforce and/or push political or social ideas?

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Join us as we journey down the rabbit hole of opinions, and the slippery slope of subconsciously believing that your opinions are the absolute truth, or even just a fact -- rather than just your opinion.

And what happens when you use your opinions as a measuring stick to judge the "goodness" of other people? Hmmm.....

In this episode Jeffrey and Heather discuss the polarizing opinions of cursing, Breonna...

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