The Gay Cousin Club

The Gay Cousin Club

If you've ever been sitting around the family reunion wondering "who's the gay cousin?" only to realize the call is coming from inside the house, we've got you sweetie. Join The Gay Cousin Club to chat about all our gay cousins from the inspiring, to the spooky, to the downright criminal. Just two midwestern bisexuals chatting about the cool, and often hidden, queer folks throughout history.


November 10, 2023 54 mins

Welcome back, cousins! Britt is bringing us the story of some ~wily~ gays as they fought for their right to marry! Listen to the stories of Elisa Sánchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas and Michael McConnell and Jack Baker and how these two strong couples fought for their right to LEGALLY marry their loves in a time when gay marriage was NOT the law of the land. You'll get a solid dose of love, commitment, and stupid Britt and...

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Welcome ghosts and ghouls! This may be our most unhinged and slap-happy story time yet, so buckle up! Britt tells us the wild tale of Benjamin Henry Jesse Francis Shepard AKA Jesse Shepard AKA Francis Grierson AKA Psyche the Cat (??) and his spooky mansion of séance: Villa Montezuma.
There's ghosts, there's seances, there's curses, and there's even... spooky pianos...
Happy spooky season, Cousins!

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Welcome back spooky witches! It’s that time of year again, so hold on to your britches, it’s about to get freaky; both Britt AND Dani are coming in with some ghosty stories for you today! Britt will start us off with an extension of Abe Lincoln (ep 23) and the Ladies of Llangollen (ep 1) and Dani finishes us out with the Romeo of actresses Charlotte Cushman.
Stay tuned for pt 4 coming soon!

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Hello cousins and welcome to a ~ScAnDaLoUs~ TGCC episode! Brittany tells us the story of the great Emancipator himself, Gaybroham, *ahem* Abraham Lincoln. Listen close and decide for yourself, fruity, or nah? 

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August 31, 2023 1 min

Come check out The Gay Cousin Club a podcast about all of our (oftentimes straightwashed) queer cousins through history!

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Welcome back cousins! 
Sorry for our impromptu hiatus, but we are back and bringing you not one, but THREE stories of soldiers in love! Join us as Britt tells the beautiful and complex story of Gilbert Bradley and Gordon Bowsher, the harrowing fight of Frank Kameny, and the sacrifices of Technical Sergeant Leonard Matlovich. Thank you to the cousins who came before us, the sacrifices they made, and the lessons they taught us to...

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Hello cousins, and welcome!
This week we are a little different, instead of covering just one person or couple, Britt decided to cover a larger topic: Boston Marriages! We've already talked about them a bit, so join us for a deeper dive as we explore the origin of Boston marriages and three couples/roommates/friends that totally would have been classified as such: Annie Fields and Sarah Orne Jewett, Carrie Chapman Catt and...

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Hello Cousins and welcome back! 
As per usual, Britt and Dani suck at a schedule, so here we are! But oh my goodness can you believe it's episode 20 already! Thank you so much for sticking around, dealing with us learning the podcasting game, and loving us anyway.

Tune in today to hear an episode sponsored by margaritas, Britt's rabbit-hole obsession of Vanderpump Rules, and the adorable story of America&apos...

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June 25, 2023 79 mins

Join us as Dani shares our final story of Pride Month! Hold on tight as we discuss the sometimes problematic and always charismatic 7th Earl Beauchamp. At the end it’ll be up to you to decide: are you Team Beauchamp*?

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Welcome back and we hope you are celebrating a happy Pride in whatever way you can, Cousins!

This week we are finishing up our two parter with our  lovely, fantastic, and maybe a little too zooted bestie Sara!

Put your floaties on and do the nautical equivalent of buckling up, my dudes. We head back out on the high seas and finally get to the ~gay~ part of the story, so sorry, I mean "real close friends"...

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Happy Pride, Cousins!
To celebrate Pride month, Britt and Dani are bringing you three back to back episodes this month, and kicking it off with a two parter! Not only that, but please welcome our lovely, fantastic, and maybe a little too zooted bestie Sara as a cohost this week!
The vibes are here, the banter is banter-y, and the seas are high. Come aboard as Britt tells us the swashbuckling tale of two nautical sapphos Mar...

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Hello cousins and welcome! Please join us as we dive a bit into the 16th-17th* centuries in order to talk about the fascinating nun, Benedetta Carlini! We've got visions, and other-worldy marriages, and possesions, and SplendaSweet'n'Low? Tune in for some laughs and ridiculousness while Britt and Dani try to keep it all together!

(I know we're a few days late, but it was the Mother's Day of it all)...

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Welcome to the meeting, Cousins! This week Dani gives Britt a break and takes over storytime!  Join us in absolute awe over the tale of the incredible powerhouse activist Marie Equi- The Queen of the Bolsheviks!

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Leve het verzet! Long live the (Dutch) Resistance! Cousins, please join us in welcoming the two newest members to the club: the artistic, the courageous, the downright defiant Willem Arondeus and Frieda Belinfante. Enjoy the tale of these two Nazi-fighting badasses who teach us the true meaning of courage!

Until the next meeting, you can find us at or on Instagram and TikTok both @thegaycousinclub....

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April 6, 2023 58 mins

Black Trans Lives Matter -1863 edition.
Welcome back cousins! Prepare yourselves: the transphobes done did piss Brittany off... so please join us in welcoming the beautiful Mary Jones to the club! She was a sneaky klepto with a purse full of scandal and secrets, so enjoy this awesome old timey crimey story and remember: if someone's differences make you uncomfortable - look inward ;)

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Welcome to the meeting, Cousins! Join Britt and Dani as we discuss the stressy-depressy life of Virgina Woolf with an uplifting and absolutely GORGEOUS focus on the never-ending love between Virginia and Vita Sackville-West. 
*Trigger warning* There are discussions of suicide and sexual assault that will have a tone in front of them in case you need to skip ahead. Stay safe, cousins!

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Welcome back, cousins! Join Britt and Dani as we enjoy Britt's buzz and the incredible tale of the woman convinced she could "get any woman from any man." She's a real Mr. Steal Ya Girl before that was even a thing. Join us in welcoming the MARVELOUS and SALACIOUS Mercedes de Acosta to the club!

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Please join us in welcoming the newest (oldest?) member of The Gay Cousin Club the absolute chaotic kween that was just here for the vibes (and controversies): Elagabalus!

*Dani note* I apologize for the sound quality- we are working through some tech issues that should be gone for next time! Thank you for understanding <3

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January 29, 2023 45 mins

Join us as Britt enthralls us all with the most badass, cop-taunting, bisexual queen, and mother of blues that was Gertrude "Ma" Rainey.

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Today’s episode is dedicated to all of our gender binary non-conforming cousins as we discuss the absolutely fantastical life of bad-assery that was the famous 18th Century French diplomat, soldier, spy, and eventual extortionist, the Chevalier d’Eon. 

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